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The past interviews and guest post will be archived at the bottom of this page. You can find the authors listed by their last names. This is a great way to check out you favorite author's upcoming release and get to know them a little better. Or maybe you'll find a new author to read. We even threw in some character interviews.

Past Interviews/Guest Posts:
Marina Adair (Interview)
Marina Adair (Interview)
Jami Alden (Feature)
Tiffany Allee (Excerpt from DON'T BITE THE BRIDESMAID)
Lilliana Anderson (Spotlight)
Bella Andre (Spotlight on THE SULLIVAN Series)
Katharine Ashe (Interview)
Katharine Ashe (Excerpt from HOW TO MARRY A HIGHLANDER)
Claire Ashgrove "Ringing In the New Year" (Guest Post)
Sophie Barnes (Interview)
Sophie Barnes "So you don't read romance--allegedly" (Guest Post)
Kathryn Barrett "Sexual Tension In A Buggy" (Guest Post)
Emma Barry (Spotlight on BRAVE IN HEART)
Christi Barth (Interview)
Anne Barton (Interview)
Samanthe Beck "The Art of Writing A Sex Scene" (Guest Post)
Meg Benjamin (Spotlight on BOLTED)
Robin Bielman "The Appeal of Second Chance Romance" (Guest Post)
Natasha Blackthorne (Interview)
Lauren Blakely "Top Ten Trophy Husbands" (Guest Post)
Sophia Bleu (Spotlight on CATCHING LIAM)
Eden Bradley (Excerpt from FALLEN ANGEL)
Barbara Bretton (Spotlight on CROSSE HARBOR Series)
Darcy Burke (Excerpts from SECRETS AND SCANDALS Series)
Tonya Burrows (Excerpt from SEAL OF HONOR)
Lisa Burstein (Cover Reveal SNEAKING CANDY)
Britt Bury "Origins" (Guest Post)

Gayle Callen (Interview)
Chelsea M. Cameron (Excerpt from FOR REAL)
Stella Cameron (Interview)
Steph Campbell (Spotlight on LENGTHS)
J.H. Cardwell (Excerpt from ATTAINMENT)
Cora Carmack (Spotlight on FAKING IT)
Cassandra Carr "Seven Fun Facts about Should've Known Better" (Guest Post)
Cassi Carver (Excerpt from DARK FLIGHT)
Kendra Leigh Castle (Spotlight/Feature)
Lauren Clark (Excerpt from DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE)
Maire Claremont (Spotlight)
Alice Clayton (Spotlight)
Lecia Cornwall (Interview)
Christie Craig (Interview)
Gwyn Cready (Interview)
Eliza Daley (Excerpt from IDENTITY CRISIS)
Tessa Dare (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
Tessa Dare (Excerpt from ANY DUCHESS WILL DO)
Tessa Dare (Excerpt from BEAUTY AND THE BLACKSMITH)
DARK NIGHTS, DANGEROUS MEN (Anthology spotlight)
Dee Davis (Interview)
Robyn DeHart (Interview)
Robyn DeHart (Excerpt from THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS)
Robyn DeHart "Top 10 Favorite Heroes" (Guest Post)
Cerise DeLand "5 Keys to Successful Series Plotting" (Guest Post)
Cerise DeLand (Interview)
Lisa Desrochers (Spotlight on A LITTLE TOO MUCH)
Vanessa Devereaux "How I Write Erotic Romance" (Guest Post)
Vicky Dreiling (Interview: HTSAS)
Vicky Dreiling (Interview: HTRAR)
Vicky Dreiling "Behind the Scenes" (Guest Post)
Cynthia Eden (Spotlight on A VAMPIRE'S CHRISTMAS CAROL)
Cara Elliott (Interview)
CJ Ellison (Excerpt from AVOIDING MR. RIGHT)
Ender (Studio Smexy Model Interview)
Karen Erickson "The Power of Scent" (Guest Post)
Karen Erickson "Top 10 Sexiest Quarterbacks" (Guest Post)
Elizabeth Essex (Excerpt from SCANDAL IN THE NIGHT)
Bronwen Evans "Heroines--the backbone of any fabulous romance" (Guest Post)
Bronwen Evans (Interview)
Bronwen Evans "Historical vs. Contemporary (Guest Post)
Amelia Fayer "Top 5 Places for Lust in the Library (Guest Post)
Jane Feather (Feature/Excerpt)
Lilli Feisty (Interview)
Nicole Flockton (Interview)
Nicole Flockton "Top 10 Character Traits of Luciano Morelli" (Guest Post)
Tina Folsom (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
Forever Romance (Spotlight on June, July and August 2013 Romantic Suspense Books)
Susanna Fraser (Interview)
Shana Galen "The Rogue Pirate's Bride Casting Couch" (Guest Post)
Shana Galen (Excerpt from THE ROGUE PIRATE'S BRIDE)
Shana Galen (Excerpt from WHEN YOU GIVE A DUKE A DIAMOND)
Shana Galen (Sexy Snippet from IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY)
Cynthia Garner (Interview)
Cynthia Garner (Guest Post)
Cynthia Garner (Spotlight on SECRET OF THE WOLF)
Nancy Gideon (Interview)
Sarah Gilman (Interview)
Gina Gordon "The Art of Seduction" (Guest Post)
Melody Grace (Cover Re-reveal WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT)
Melody Grace (Excerpt from WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT)
Kate Hardy (Spotlight on TIS THE SEASON TO KISS SANTA)
Rachel Harris (Interview)
Jennifer Haymore (Interview: Secret of An Accidental Duchess)
Jennifer Haymore (Interview: Pleasures of a Tempted Lady)
Catherine Hemmerling (Excerpt from TAMING HER FORBIDDEN EARL)
Catherine Hemmerling "Top 10 Movies" (Guest Post)
Lord Fergus Hepplewort (character interview)
Cheryl Holt (Guest Post)
Derek Hutchins (Studio Smexy Model Interview)
Larissa Ione (Interview)
Alyssa Rose Ivy (Spotlight on THE HAZARDS OF SKINNY DIPPING)
Holly Jacobs "Here Be Dragons" (Guest Post)
Ella James (Excerpt from SELLING SCARLETT)
Elle James "Voodoo Among Friends" (Guest Post)
Julie James (Excerpt from ABOUT THAT NIGHT)
Julie James (Spotlight on FBI/US Attorney's Series)
Julie James (Spotlight on LOVE IRRESISTIBLY)
Kelly Jamieson (Excerpt from SWEET DEAL)
Vanessa Kelly "Man Troubles" (Guest Post)
Kris Kennedy (Excerpt from DECEPTION)
Kimberly Kincaid (Interview)
Kim from SOS Aloha "Cathy Maxwell" (Guest Post)
Ruthie Knox "A Quick Visit with Ruthie" (Guest Post)
Kieran Kramer (Interview: Say Yes To The Duke)
Kieran Kramer (Spotlight on THE EARL IS MINE)
Katie Lane (Interview)
Rosalie Lario (Interview)
Francine Larrabee (Character Interview)
Leigh LaValle (Interview)
Jenn LeBlanc First Author Interview/Giveaway *squee*
Jenn LeBlanc (Interview)
Jenn LeBlanc "Sex In Carriages" (Guest Post)
Jenn LeBlanc "5 Ways To Do It In A Victorian Conveyance" (Guest Post)
Jenn LeBlanc (Excerpt from THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE)
Jenn LeBlanc "The Rake and The Recluse in Quotes" (Excerpts)
M.Leighton (Excerpt from ALL THE PRETTY LIES)
Heather Long (Interview)
Heather Long "The Fevered Hearts Series" (Guest Post/Excerpt from BRAVE ARE THE LONELY)
Heather Long (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
Heather Long (Studio Smexy Saturdays ALWAYS A MARINE Series Spotlight)
Heather Long "Casting Call: Always A Marine Series" (Guest Post)
Roni Loren "Ten Every Day Items To Add A Little BDSM Spice to Your Relationship" (Guest Post)
Roni Loren "The Anatomy of A Sex Scene" (Guest Post)
Roni Loren "The Anatomy of Writing A Threesome (Guest Post)
Roni Loren (Spotlight on FALL INTO YOU)
Roni Loren (Guest Post)
Roni Loren (Interview/Excerpt from MELT INTO YOU)
Roni Loren (Spotlight on MELT INTO YOU)
J. Lynn (Spotlight on TRUST IN ME)
Jennifer Lynne "5 Reasons To Date A Younger Man" (Guest Post)
Katy Madison (Interview)
Rebecca Rogers Maher (Interview)
Ashley March "Not Your Typical Romance" (EPIC book tour/Guest Post)
Ashley March (EPIC book tour/Interview)
Ava March (Excerpt from ALL IN WITH THE DUKE)
Tracy March (Spotlight on THE PRACTICE PROPOSAL)
Delilah Marvelle (Studio Smexy EXLUSIVE Cover Reveal)
Delilah Marvelle (Spotlight on ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE)
Mia Marlowe "Twisting A Trope" (Guest Post)
Mia Marlowe (Interview)
Mia Marlowe "The Age of Deception" (Guest Post)
Monica Marlowe "A Monk As A Hero?" (Guest Post)
Lissa Mathews (Guest Post)
Gina Maxwell (Excerpt from RULES OF ENTANGLEMENT)
Melissa Mayhue (Interview)
Heather McCollum "7 Fun Facts About Highland Heart" (Guest Post)
Kate Meader "Top 5 Reasons You Should Encourage Your Man To Cook" (Guest Post)
Kate Meader (Excerpt from ALL FIRED UP)
Teresa Medeiros (Interview)
Jess Michaels "The Madly In Love Hero" (Guest Post)
Jess Michaels (Excerpt from TAKEN BY THE DUKE)
Kristin Miller (Interview)
Erica Monroe (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
Tamara Morgan "In Defense of the Codpiece" (Guest Post)
Tamara Morgan "Why We Love Men in Kilts" (Guest Post)
Linda Morris "Top 10 Reasons Everyone Loves A Millionaire" (Guest Post)
Sorcha Mowbray "New Characters, Visions, & Floggers! Oh My!" (Guest Post)
Sorcha Mowbray "Type A's and First Meets" (Guest Post)
Monica Murphy (Interview)
Monica Murphy "Favorite Second Chance Boyfriend Quotes" (Guest Post)
Monica Murphy (Excerpt TORN)
Laura Navarre "The Perfectly Imperfect Heroine in Medieval Romance" (Guest Post)
Nikki Navarre "Favorite Spies and Why We Love These Guys" (Guest Post)
Robyn Neeley (Spotlight)
Annie Nicholas (Interview)
Erin Nicholas (Interview)
Erin Nicholas (Spotlight on ANYTHING YOU WANT)
Abby Niles (Spotlight on EXTREME LOVE)
S.A Price (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
Jennifer Probst (Spotlight on THE MARRIAGE MERGER)
Diana Quincy (Interview)
Caisey Quinn (Spotlight on KEEP ME STILL)
Julia Quinn (Excerpt THE SUM OF ALL KISSES)
Hope Ramsay (Interview)
Sara Ramsey (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
Jodi Redford (Interview)
J.A. Redmerski (Excerpt from THE EDGE OF ALWAYS)
Alexia Reed (Interview)
JC Reed (Spotlight on CONQUER YOUR LOVE)
Terri Reed (Interview)
Liz Reinhardt (Spotlight on LENGTHS)
Tiffany Reisz (Spotlight on THE MISTRESS)
Katie Reus (Spotlight on THE RED STONE SECURITY Series)
Jana Richards "How to Survive Your High School Reunion" (Guest Post)
Bella Riley (Interview)
Sheila Roberts (Interview)
Maggie Robinson "2 Book in 1 Month" (Guest Post)
Theresa Romain (Excerpt from SEASON FOR SURRENDER)
JoAnn Ross (Excerpt from HOME PLACE and FAR HARBOR)
Nina Rowan (Interview)
Amara Royce (Interview)
Hallie Rubenhold (Interview)
Jennifer Ryan (Guest Post)
Joya Ryan (Studio Smexy Saturdays Interview)
RC Ryan (Interview)
RC Ryan "Why We Love Cowboys" (Guest Post)
Jill Sanders (Excerpt from LASTING PRIDE and SECRET SEDUCTION)
Melissa Schroeder (Excerpt from THE LOST CLAN: CALLUM)
Melissa Schroeder (Excerpt from THE LOST CLAN: CALLUM) *Jamie's blog*
Jennifer Seasons "Top 10 Sexiest Athletes" (Guest Post)
Suzanne Selfors "Love + Chocolate=The Sweetest Spell" (Guest Post)
Jill Shalvis (Interview)
Jill Shalvis (Interview)
Jill Shalvis "Small Town Romances" (Guest Post)
Lacey Silks (Excerpt from DAZZLED BY SILVER)
Even Silver (Excerpt from DRIVEN)
Stefanie Sloane "Alpha, Beta, or Somewhere In Between (Guest Post)
Michelle Smart (Spotlight on TEMPTED BY TROUBLE)
Wendy Soliman (Excerpt from BEGUILING THE BARRISTER)
Roxanne St. Claire (Interview-Barefoot in the Sand)
Roxanne St. Claire (Interview-Barefoot in the Rain)
Lilly Steele (Character Interview)
Shelli Stevens (Interview)
Jillian Stone "Love on the Run with Detective Lewis" (Guest Post)
Jillian Stone (Excerpt from THE MISS EDUCATION OF DR. EXETER)
Alison Stuart "Love Across Time: Elements of Time Travel" (Guest Post)
Joan Swan "4 S's Of A Desirable Hero" (Guest Post) 
VK Sykes (Interview)
Candis Terry "Tips for Surviving Christmas with Family" (Guest Post)
Lori Toland (Interview)
Gideon Alrick Trumbull, Duke of Roxleigh (Character Interview)
Peregrine Afton Trumbull, Viscount Roxleigh (Character Interview)
Marquita Valentine "Not Another Bad Pick-Up Line" (Guest Post)
Victoria Vane (Interview/Excerpt from A BREACH OF PROMISE)
Victoria Vane (Interview)
Kelley Vitollo (Interview)
Rie Warren (Interview)
Tawny Weber "Dream Wedding and Valentines" (Guest Post)
Tawny Weber "The Sibling Connection"(Guest Post)
Vivienne Westlake (Interview)
Vivienne Westlake "Bad Boy Heroes" (Guest Post)
Karen White (Interview)
Vickie Wilkerson (Spotlight on BIKERS AND PEARLS)
Beth Yarnall "From Open Words to The End: A Writer's Journey to Publication" (Guest Post)
Rebecca Zanetti (Interview)

December Joyathon 2011
Laurie London (Interview)
Kris Kennedy (Interview)
Lavinia Kent (Interview)
Maggie Robinson (Interview)
Vanessa Kelly "Holiday Survival Tips"
Tawny Weber (Interview)
Delphine Dryden "My Favorite Holiday Recipe"
Kieran Kramer (Interview)
Lila DiPasqua (Interview)
Vicky Dreiling (Interview)
Tessa Dare (Interview)
Melissa Schroeder "5 Must Watch Holiday Movies"
Karen Erickson "5 Must Read Holiday Books"
Katharine Ashe (Interview)
Tiffany James "5 Must Listen To Holiday Albums"
Shana Galen (Interview)
Tiffany Reisz (Interview)
Caridad Pineiro (Interview)
Penny Watson (Interview)
Jenn LeBlanc (Interview)
Ashley March "What I Am Looking Forward To Next Year"
Melissa Mayhue (Interview)
Joan Swan (Interview)
Virna DePaul "My Favorite Holiday Tradition"

Romance Casting Call 2012
Juliana Stone (Excerpt)
Laurie London (Tempted by Blood)
Dianne Duvall (Night Reigns)
Darynda Jones (Second Grave on the Left)
Virna DePaul (Chosen By Sin)
Mandi from Smexybooks (Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard)
Roni Loren (Melt Into You)
Karen Erickson (Lessons in Indescretion/Simple Twist of Fate)
Tiffany Reisz (Seven Day Loan)
Maggie Robinson (Mistress by Marriage)
Melissa Schroeder (A Little Harmless Obsession)
Mel from Bookworm2Bookworm (A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner)
Nicola Marsh (Busted in Bollywood)
Bella Andre (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Carolyn Brown (Darn Good Cowboy Christmas)
Tawny Weber (Excerpt)
Lila DiPasqua (Undone)
Aislynn from Stitch-Read-Cook (Vision in White by Nora Roberts)
Kieran Kramer (If You Give A Girl A Viscount)
Elise Rome (Romancing The Countess)
Delilah Marvelle (Forever and A Day)
Jenn LeBlanc (The Rake and the Recluse)
Vicky Dreiling (How To Marry A Duke)
Kim from SOS Aloha (The Spy Who Left Me)

Rock*It Reads Event 2012
Kris Kennedy (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Vanessa Kelly "It Takes Two...Or 10!" (Guest Post/ Excerpt)
Elisabeth Naughton (Guest Post)
Margo Maguire (Guest Post)
Joan Swan (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Monica Burns (Guest Post)
Sharon Page "Escape with 'Escape With A Rogue'" (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Lila DiPasqua (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Mia Marlowe "A Foot In Both Worlds" (Guest Post)
Pamela Clare (Interview)

Road To RomCon Event 2012
Alexandra Ivy (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Delilah Marvelle (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Jenn LeBlanc "Road To, RomCon" (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Melissa Mayhue (Guest Post)
Margaret Daley (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Jory Strong (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Tori St. Claire/Claire Ashgrove (Guest Post)
Heather Snow (Guest Post)
Rebecca Forster "A Family Affair" (Guest Post)
DeeAnne Gist "The Titanic Tea Party" (Guest Post)
Julia Quinn (Spotlight)
Kelley Armstrong (Excerpt)
Gabi Stevens "The Magic of RomCon" (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Teresa Medeiros (Spotlight)
Marie Sexton (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Elizabeth Hoyt (Excerpt)
Hillary Seidl (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Sara Ramsey (Guest Post/Excerpt)
Isobel Carr (Excerpt)
Kat Martin (Spotlight)
Eileen Dreyer (Spotlight)

Fallen Women Week 2012:
Anna Campbell (Interview)
Delilah Marvelle (Interview)
Sophia James (Guest Post)
Mary Balogh (Interview)
Jess Michaels "Fallen But Not Broken: Why I Love Courtesan Heroines" (Guest Post)
Sabrina Darby (Interview)
Leigh Michaels (Interview)

December Joyathon 2012:
Vanessa Kelly (Interview)
Pamela Clare (Interview)
Sophie Barnes (Interview)
Anne Barton (Interview)
Vicky Dreiling (Interview)
Stefanie Sloane (Interview)
Jenn LeBlanc (Interview)
Kieran Kramer (Interview)
Shana Galen (Interview)
Karen Erickson (Interview)
Delilah Marvelle (Interview)
Katharine Ashe (Interview)
Miranda Neville (Interview)
Tiffany Reisz (Interview)
Theresa Romain (Interview)
Anna Campbell (Interview)
Elise Rome (Interview)
Roni Loren (Interview)
Erin Knightley (Interview)
Lila DiPasqua (Interview)
Beth Yarnall (Interview)
Marquita Valentine (Interview)
Nicole Flockton (Interview)
Bronwen Evans (Interview)

Sealed with A Kiss 2013:
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