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Jamie (For The Love of Romance) and Kati (Romancing Rakes) got the crazy idea to mash their blogs together because they're insane that way. Plus, they read the same authors and sometimes the same books and thought what better way to share their mutual love of romance than blogging and reviewing on the same blog? You may notice that they've done joint reviews of Jenn LeBlanc's THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE redux and have collaborated on a few other things. Do not be alarmed if the subject of riding crops surfaces constantly. They blame Jenn for introducing them to the wonders of the riding crop. Not healthy. They would like to welcome you to the all new, shinier Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance. Their goal is to keep you entertained, keep your book piles stacked, and develop and nurture your love for Man Candy Mondays.

This blog was Kati's way of sharing her love for reading, drooling over good looking men and bringing you into her world of randomness. Then Jamie came along and the craziness hasn't stopped. You may also notice different phrases that cannot be found anywhere else such as OMHenry! or What in the name of Charles Brandon?or Richard Henry Hugh Purejoy Hutchins Dance Party  Do not be alarmed.
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Jamie was not a reader until she graduated college, got on a plane to England with two friends and two books borrowed from her grandmother. While reading Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas she fell in love with romance… and discovered her grandmother had a naughty side. Since then she can be found with a book or her Kindle in hand. She would very much like spend her days travelling and reading if only someone would pay her to do that. Since she has not found a sugar daddy she spends her day back at school studying to be a nurse.

13 Fun facts About Jamie (done in the third person because Jamie is cool like that)
  1. Has never actually read Jane Austen but has seen every PBS Masterpiece Classic Austen so that counts, right?
  2. Is terrified of birds. All birds, will cry and yell and cause a scene if confronted with one.
  3. Chatted up Viggo Mortensen in the Syracuse airport bar when her flight was delayed. However, she didn’t know it was him until she was on the plane and the guy next to her told her.
  4. Used to be a dancer but is one of the most ungraceful human beings ever. Seriously, stairs are a hazard.
  5. Studied abroad in England where she fell in love with everything British.
  6. Addicted to coffee and needs it to function.
  7. Owns a pair of Christian Louboutin’s but hardly wears them because she doesn’t want to ruin the red soles.
  8. Would much rather get a bunch of balloons then a bouquet of flowers.
  9. Traveled to 7 different countries in a three week period while on spring break in England. (Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain)
  10. If something has animal print on it she will most likely buy it.
  11. Is maybe the only person in Jersey with a pair of red cowboy boots.
  12. Proud owner of a riding crop… plus some handcuffs and red rope.
  13. Can rap like a superstar! Ok, not really because she’s white and looks like a fool but that doesn’t stop her. Nicki Minaj Super Bass is her go to rap though will bust out the Jay-Z & Kanye.
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Kati is a recovering romance book addict. She took a three year hiatus to dip her foot into other genres and they just didn't do it for her. Sorry Twihards. Thanks to Delilah Marvelle and Victoria Dahl, she's found her way back. In her free time she likes to sit at the beach and ogle hot guys behind her aviators (not at all creepy). She started reading romance at 14 (there was some sort of Highlander with a mighty sword involved) and found her soulmate Henry Cavill at 16 (he just doesn't know it yet).

13 Fun Facts About Kati:
  1. Jams out to Taylor Swift and the Spice Girls.
  2. Is addicted to chocolate. (Always be prepared for Dementors)
  3. Loves the color pink.
  4. Met Robert Pattinson on a cold, dark October night…
  5. Every year when she goes to TexRenFest, watching a Sound & Fury show is a MUST.
  6. Loves Christmas.
  7. Loves a good margarita.
  8. Her first book was Cinderella. (Hellooo love of fairy tales!)
  9. Loves reading book series.
  10. When Mr. Kati asks her a question she doesn't know, she still gives him an answer. Apparently she's good at making stuff up and sounding believable.
  11. Likes the smell of new books.
  12. Likes making lists. (You may notice that she does that quite a bit on this blog.)
  13. Is in love with the thought of being in love.
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