Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Note About The December Joyathon

Hi Friends!

The December Joyathon this year is going to be a bit different. Instead of the usual 24/25 days of guest authors and daily giveaways, there will be 12 days of giveaways. Why? I was late in planning it this year and asking authors to participate in a short amount of time isn't something I wanted to ask of them.

I still want to continue this tradition at least one more time instead of just not having it this year. All the giveaways will be on the Facebook page and the event has been change to '12 DAYS OF GIFT-MAS'. The giveaways will start on December 12th.

This past year has been really hard for me–personal life wise. I haven't given the blog the much needed attention it deserves. I haven't done as many posts as I have in the past years. I have slightly neglected it. And for that, I am sorry. I know each of you deserves better. I just have not been in the best head space. Reading has no longer been a joy for me. Updating the blog feels like a chore I don't want to do. It's hard for me to tell you all of this. But I hope you understand. I think this will be the last Joyathon on this blog. I hope you will join me for one last hurrah.

I will still be active on social media–instagram, Twitter, Facebook–if you still want to follow me. I will still share new releases, ebook deals and do the occasional giveaway on Facebook. So I guess what I'm saying is, I will be almost exclusively on Facebook with all the book things.

Thank you for all of your support the last 6 years. Thank you for discovering new authors with me, sharing your favorite reads, celebrating all things romance, and most of all, thank you for making blogging a joy.

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