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Spotlight: Excerpt from LOVE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER by Tracey Livesay (@tlivesay)


A former criminal defense attorney, Tracey Livesay finds crafting believable happily ever afters slightly more challenging than protecting our constitutional rights, but she’s never regretted following her heart instead of her law degree. She has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post and on CBS This Morning. Tracey lives in Virginia with her husband–who she met on the very first day of law school–and their three children. When not answering the call of wife, mother or author, she runs marathons and daydreams about designer purses.

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Stay where you are, Jonathan! This has nothing to do with you, Jonathan!! She’s your brother’s fiancée, Jonathan!!!
He sidled up next to her, staring at her patrician profile as she studied the selection. Her hair caressed her cheeks. He wanted to brush the strands behind her ear, then trace the hills and valleys of the shell with his tongue.
Ahhh shit. So much for staying north of her neck. From this position he had an amazing view of her breasts, lovingly displayed by the bodice of her dress. Clearly more than a handful, the tops were plush and soft, like freshly rising dough.
Why had he thought about positions? About twenty, featuring the two of them, flashed into his mind, like exhibits from a sex museum.
“Do you like any of these?” Her voice was low and serious.
Fuck yeah. Especially the one where those long legs are draped over my shoulders and I’m sliding inside of you while you thumb your clit—
It didn’t take long to realize his error. But because the blood had forsaken his brain only seconds earlier, he replied, “Does it matter? I’m not marrying him.”
She withdrew slightly, as if disappointed by his response.
She’d expected something else? Maybe a mature, thoughtful reaction.
He gazed at the rings and his attention was caught by a solitaire in a classic setting. He picked it up. “What about this one?”
“Oh!” she breathed.
On a whim, he captured her hand and slid the ring on her finger. She inhaled audibly and contentment settled over him. Despite everything being wrong with this scenario, nothing had ever felt so right. The rose gold color of the band and the simple oval cut diamond suited the long slim elegant digit. She held her hand away from her, then brought it closer to her face.
“Do you like it?”
“Yes.” Her voice was filled with surprised wonder. “It’s the one I would’ve picked out.”
“Great minds think alike,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper, conscious of her and their closeness. She smelled incredible, like sunshine and toasted spices.
“I guess so.”
She lowered her hand and lifted her head.
They were so close. A tiny mole near her temple marred the boring perfection of her forehead. The pulse at the base of her neck throbbed and he yearned to kiss it and her. Expressions flittered across her face faster than he could read them, but she didn’t move away.
And he couldn’t.
What would happen if he touched her? Just once. Brushed his thumb along her parted lips, slid his fingers through her hair? Would she let him? And if she did, could he stop there? Or would he want to do more? Like take her juicy bottom lip between his teeth and tug? Would she allow him to do that? Or more? Would she touch him?
“Did you see something you . . . Oh!” Bridge skidded to a stop.
Jonathan shifted smoothly away from Leighton, grabbing a nearby towel and setting to work scrubbing a non-existent spot on the bar. His heart pounded so loudly in his chest it drowned out any other sound. What was he doing? Things may be difficult with Thomas now, but if he’d done what he’d been thinking . . . There would be no coming back from that.
Bridge’s interruption was both the best and worst thing to happen. His biggest problem was he honestly didn’t know which.


GENRE: Contemporary
SERIES: Shades of Love #3
RELEASE DATE: August 29, 2017

An accident changed Leighton Clarke's life forever.

After waking from a coma, Leighton Clarke can’t remember anything from the past six years. She’s stunned when her doctors inform her she has amnesia, something she didn’t think occurred outside of soap operas. Anxious and disoriented, the only person who elicits any feelings is Jonathan Moran, a gorgeous chef with compassionate brown eyes . . . who also happens to be her fiancé.

Jonathan isn’t her fiancé. But when his estranged brother—her real husband-to-be—asks him to step in while he’s away in London, Jonathan doesn’t think he has a choice, especially after seeing how the previously aloof Leighton now responds to him. The more time they spend together, the more Jonathan begins to fall for his brother’s fiancé, until he’s wishing the pretense were reality.

When Leighton’s memories come flooding back, can she forgive the man she’s fallen in love with or will his lie ruin the only thing that feels true?

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