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Tasty Tour + #Giveaway: Excerpt from THE COTTAGE NEXT DOOR by Georgia Bockoven

Georgia Bockoven is an award-winning author who began writing fiction after a successful career as a freelance journalist and photographer. Her books have sold more than three million copies worldwide. The mother of two, she resides in northern California with her husband, John.

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There was something about the high-pitched whine of a circular saw that made Diana Wagnor’s imagination kick into overdrive. Without any real effort she pictured the man working in the house next door as someone in his late twenties, wearing a faded denim shirt with cut-off sleeves, and a weathered leather tool belt topping jeans slung low on his hips.
            Of course it was a given that living in California he’d have sun-bleached hair, six-pack abs, and a killer smile. Oh, and dark blue eyes with long curling eyelashes.
            Great eyes were a must in her fantasy of what went into creating the perfect man. Not only was it important that they be beautiful, they should be playful and sexy at the same time. Oh, and filled with a sensual promise, but that went hand in hand with sexy.
            Diana let out a frustrated sigh. What insanity—to swear off men for two years and then purposely wallow in visions of a construction worker. Until she found a reason to trust her own judgment again, he could be the guy who checked off every detail on her imaginary list of what went into the perfect man, and she still wouldn’t do anything about it.
            For someone who’d lived her entire life in the geographical center of the United States, seeing the ocean for the first time was tantamount to seeing Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon. And yet here she was, sitting on a deck with a view most people saved for honeymoons or special anniversaries, except she was alone. If only she’d come to California less burdened, the pleasure would have been more joyful. But broken hearts were heavy, and she was worn out carrying hers.
            How was it that she’d never fallen for anyone who hadn’t disappointed her in the end or who had bailed when the road turned rocky?
            Her first real boyfriend, Louis Bickford, had eyes that triggered fantasies far too complex for a naive thirteen-year-old to understand. They were a couple, or at least a couple in her mind, right up to the day he asked Judy Feldman to the graduation dance. Too embarrassed to tell her mother what had really happened, Diana faked a stomach flu and sobbed her way through the weekend.
            What followed all the way through high school and into college was a string of drop-dead gorgeous “bad boys”—the only kind that ever held her attention past hello.
            Would she never learn?
Series: The Beach House #3.5
Genre: Contemporary
Page Count: 144 pages
Publisher: William Morrow & Co (August 18, 2015)
The Cottage Next Door (The Beach House, #3.5)

What should have been the best day in Diana Wagnor’s twenty-nine years easily turns into the worst when her job is downsized, she discovers her fiancĂ© in bed with her best friend, and watches her cherished grandmother’s house burn to the ground.

Clearly it’s time to start over and get out of Topeka, Kansas, where she’s spent her whole life. But what should she do? And how does she ever trust herself in another relationship when her one indisputable skill seems to be picking the wrong man?

Diana finds her answers at the cottage next door to the beach house with the help of a tall, sculptured, soft-spoken Californian, and a heart-shaped piece of sea glass.

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