Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lucky Is Reading Blog Hop (INT)

This hop is hosted by Stuck In Books

Naming a series or author that we feel lucky to have found is like asking a parent who their favorite child is—if they have more than one. Deep down, they do have a favorite child but won't say it out loud.

The following list is like a blind item of who's who and some you may be able to figure out if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook or can figure out by clues provided...

  • Some authors we found by chance while going down the one-click rabbit hole.
  • Some authors were thrust upon us by Twitter friends.
  • Some authors we met in person at a signing and we went crazy with their backlist.
  • Some authors we share a love for Henry Cavill.
  • Some authors made us fall in love with small towns and large, awesome families.
  • Some authors took us back to our college days with the New Adult genre.
  • One author gave us a school where men are taught the art of seduction by a renowned French courtesan.
  • One author recommended another author and had us at the word 'fisting'.
  • One author introduced us to a Siren, an Angel, a Prince, a Mistress, a Saint and a King.
  • One author introduced us to a sexy Deputy US Marshal.
  • One author gave us the giggles with literal banging next door.
  • One author gave us a visual of the male anatomy with a 22-ounce Pepsi bottle. Ouch!
  • Some authors have throwback Thursday totally on point with their historicals. Okay, that was a stupid joke but we began as historical romance readers.
  • Remember pictures books when you were a kid? One author introduced us to the illustrated romance—picture books for adult. Yes, please!
  • Your co-blogger and partner in crime tells you that BDB is a MUST for your TBR pile so you glom the whole damn series in a couple weeks until you stall on book 7.
We feel so lucky to have discovered these authors, their series, meeting them in person, and even being able to call them as real life friends.

We want you to find your own luck so we're giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. Share some books or series you are glad you picked up.

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