Saturday, February 7, 2015

{Lisa #Review} Contemporary Romance: BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY by Jessica Lemmon

Series: Second Chance #1
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Forever (January 27, 2015)
Format: ebook via Netgalley

The Bad Boy Is Back
Evan Downey buried a part of his soul when put the love of his life in the ground. He knows he needs to get his shit together for the sake of their son, but escaping into his art is the only way he can begin to cope with Rae's death. When the chance to move back to Evergreen Cove, one of the few places that has ever felt right to him, he knows it's a chance he has to take. For his sake, and his sons.

Charlotte Harris would give anything to have her best friend back. But if she can't have Rae, then she vows she'll at least be there to support the family Rae left behind. So when she learns that Evan is looking to move home, she does everything she can to help him and Lyon re-build their lives at the Cove. But when sparks start to fly between Charlotte and Evan it's the first glimpse of something bright and beautiful either of them has seen in far too long. And they start to wonder if fate has offered them a second chance at happiness-- if only their brave enough to take the risk and let love back into their lives.

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I’m in love! This book will definitely be in the running for the best read of the year!
Evan and Charlotte have known each other and been friends for years, she’s also his late wife’s best friend and their young son’s honorary Aunt. Usually, I’m not the biggest fan of friends to lovers’ romances—this one is well worth the read!
Evan is the sexy without trying somewhat of a rebel artist, but also an amazing father.
Charlotte has promised herself and her best friend’s memory to always be there for her family, never did she expect her feelings for Evan to turn her world upside down. I, and I think a lot of women will identify with her fears and guilt over things beyond her control.
When Charlotte and Evan finally give in to their building sexual tensions, it is explosive!
“It dripped like honey, the sweetness too much for her to deny.”
Set some time aside, because you will not want to stop reading this one. The emotional drama will have you laughing, crying, and wanting another tattoo, holding on a little tighter to the ones you love.

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