Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Lisa #Review} Contemporary Romance: DARING MASQUERADE by Alannah Lynne

Series: a Dare to Love Kindle worlds novella
Genre: Contemporary
Page Count: 85 pages
Publisher: Kindle Worlds (January 19, 2015)
Format: provided by author

When a hired heartbreaker falls for her target, both their hearts are at risk…

For the past five years, Becca Irving (aka Carmella Jones, aka Karma) has worked as a hired heartbreaker, seeking revenge and justice against men who thoughtlessly hurt the women who love them. She expects her next mark to be just as callous, but Jon isn’t her typical target. He’s a good man with a loving nature and dominant streak that crushes her walls and tempts her into believing love can be real and lasting.

From the moment he lays eyes on the beguiling redhead, Jonathon Ridgeway is hooked. When a sensuous dance leads to an erotic weekend aboard his boat, he realizes he needs more than a brief affair with the complex and tantalizing woman.

But neither Jon nor Becca are who—or what—they seem. Will he be able to forgive her past actions? Can she overlook his? Or will they both be left brokenhearted by the secrets of their past?

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“Take control of me, Make me get lost in you…in us. At least for a little while.”
YES!! That is how you feel reading this amazing love story and although it moves fast, you can’t stop or slow down while reading.

I fully enjoyed the multiple POV’s of the characters, especially the internal struggle of Becca (aka Carmella) as she battles her inner demons when it comes to her attraction and feelings for Jon.

Jon…almost too perfect, but he’s not, although you can’t help but love him.

A wild, steamy quick read romance that you don’t want to miss!

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