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{Kati #Review} Contemporary Romance: Lush by Beth Yarnall

Series: Pleasure at Home #2
Genre: Contemporary
Format: provided by author
Length: 230 pages
Publisher: Beth Yarnall (October 28, 2014)

Billionaire businessman, Cal Sellers, knows how to get what he wants. And what he wants is Lucy Monroe. The problem? He had her once and lost her with one careless, arrogant act. And now she’s standing in his office demanding her old job back. Cal has no intention of rehiring her as the co-host of his home shopping TV show, Pleasure at Home. He has an altogether different position in mind for her—as his wife.

If Lucy wasn’t so desperate she never would’ve stepped foot in Cal Sellers’s office, let alone the block his building stood on. Lucy’s a survivor who managed to break free of her ex’s terrible abuse, but now he’s back and more determined than ever. He wants their daughter, Poppy, and will stop at nothing to get his little girl back.

Lucy will do anything to protect her daughter, including marrying Cal Sellers. Against her better judgment, she agrees to Cal’s proposal and finds herself married to a very different man than the one who broke her heart two years ago. As Lucy’s ex grows bolder and more violent, Cal and Lucy find themselves fighting not only for Poppy, but for a forever love that could be the one thing that will save them all.

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It's been a while I've read a Beth Yarnall book and after finishing Lush, I mentally kicked myself for not reading more of her books because they're so good!

Cal and Lucy were secondary characters in Rush but now, they have their own book. Their relationship is a bit of a hot mess. Lucy catches him getting almost down and dirty with his assistant so she runs in the opposite direction. Right into the arms of a man who appeared sweet and loving. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case once they were married. He does a complete 180.

Cal vows that if Lucy ever came back to him, he'd make it up to her. And Lucy does come back. With a baby. And a crazy ex who will do anything to get her back. Cal offers Lucy marriage for one year. Marrying her would help clean up his reputation. Marrying him would keep her safe as well as her baby.

This book definitely kept me on my toes. When I thought I had it figured out, Beth Yarnall kept throwing me a curveball. If you're looking for a sexy suspenseful read, grab a copy of Lush. Fans of secret babies, marriage of convenience, and second chances at love will enjoy this book.

A note: This book does deal with domestic violence (Lucy's ex is a total nutjob) so if that's a trigger for you, you may want to pass on this book.

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