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Blog Tour: Riding Dirty by Jill Sorenson + #Giveaway

Meet Jill Sorenson, author of RIDING DIRTY

Jill Sorenson is the RITA-nominated author of more than a dozen romantic suspense novels, including the Aftershock series by HQN. She lives in the San Diego area with her family. She’s a soccer mom who loves nature, coffee, reading, twitter and reality TV. Jogging keeps her sane. Riding Dirty is her first erotic suspense novel.

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Hello Romancing Rakes! Thanks for having me. I’m sharing an excerpt from Riding Dirty, my latest release. Not only is this my dirtiest book to date, and it features a very bad hero. Cole “Shank” Shepherd is an unrepentant outlaw.

Most of my heroes are good guys, but I’ve also written my share of bad boys. Gang members, drug smugglers and ex-cons. One of my heroes used to belong to the Aryan Brotherhood. Cole is a member of Dirty Eleven, an outlaw motorcycle club. Although I understand the appeal of dangerous men, I can’t stand abusive behavior in romance. If the “hero” hits a woman or a child, I’m out. If he kicks a dog, I’m done. If he thinks all women are stupid and helpless, I can’t. And I really hate heroes who think all women are whores.

Where do you draw the line with bad boy heroes? Do they need to have a good side to be romantically appealing?

The excerpt below is an exchange between Mia and Cole during one of their counseling sessions. Enjoy!

She studied his clenched fists and his scarred, tattooed knuckles. T-I-C-K T-O-C-K. “Do you often give in to violent impulses?”

“Not as often as I’d like.”

“Have you tried to make healthier choices?”

His eyes narrowed in disbelief. “Is that a serious question?”


“Do I look like I’ve made healthy choices?”

He looked as if he jogged and lifted weights daily. “Have you done drugs?”

“Fuck yeah I’ve done drugs.”

“You’re not worried about becoming an addict?”

“I’m more worried about getting shot.”

“How long have you been working for your uncle?”

“Since I was fifteen.”

“Did your brother work for him also?”

“He did.”

“Doing what?”

“Whatever needed to get done.”

“Do you think your uncle uses his employees and discards them?”

“I know he does.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“It makes me feel…like punching someone.”

She assumed that Cole’s uncle ran illegal businesses as well as legal ones. “Wild Bill” Shepherd might have played a role in the death of Cole’s brother.

Mia hadn’t expected to sympathize with Cole any more than she’d anticipated the stirrings of attraction. Both reactions were unwelcome. She didn’t want to want Cole, even if that made seducing him easier. She didn’t want to care about his welfare. He was a convicted felon with dangerous connections, not a white knight. His club might not target women or children, but they weren’t heroes. Dirty Eleven was rumored to have a stake in methamphetamines and guns. The products they slung were deadly and the crimes they committed hurt people.

“Anger is a more easily accessible emotion for many people, but it can become a destructive force. If you’re not able to express a range of feelings, you run the risk of lashing out and losing control.”

He didn’t argue with her assessment. “I want to stay in control.”

“Good,” she said. “You’re on the right track.”

“How do you figure?”

“You’re here.”

“Not by choice.”

“You’re self-aware and articulate, which is hugely beneficial to this process. You’re cooperating by answering my questions. It can be difficult, even painful, to open up to others. But the emotional release is worth the effort.”

“Don’t give me too much credit,” he said bluntly. “I’ve been trying to look up your skirt for an hour.”


He's her weapon of choice

Psychologist Mia Richards wants revenge. Her new client, tattooed Cole "Shank" Shepherd, provides the perfect means. She just has to manipulate the felon-turned-informant into eliminating her husband's killers—members of Cole's rival motorcycle club. The first step, seducing Cole, is simple. As for walking away before she falls hard—it's already too late…

Dirty Eleven practically raised Cole, and he plans to double-cross the cops rather than sell them out. But smart, sexy Mia is an irresistible distraction. While she's evaluating his mind, all he can think about is her body…until he discovers her true intentions. Walking a fine line between desire and betrayal, they'll have to outrun her past, his enemies and the law for a love that's dangerously real.

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