Saturday, August 9, 2014

{Chanpreet #Review} Contemporary Romance: Undertaking Love by Kat French

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: book from author
Length: 417 pages
Publisher: Avon (May 22, 2014)

When Marla Jacobs discovers that the shop next to her Little White Wedding Chapel is to become a funeral parlour, she declares all-out war.
Marla’s chapel in the sleepy Shropshire countryside has become a nation-wide sensation, but the arrival of Funeral Director Gabriel Ryan threatens everything Marla has worked for. She can picture the scene: wedding limos fighting for space in the street with hearses; brides bumping into widows; bouquets being swapped for wreaths.

Marla’s not going down without a fight. She enlists a motley crew of weird and wonderful local supporters, and battle lines are drawn. But, as soon as Marla meets her nemesis, she realises just how much trouble she’s really in. His rugged good looks and Irish lilt make her stomach fizz – how is she supposed to concentrate on destroying him, when half the time she’s struggling not to rip the shirt off his back?

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This book is funny and sweet. It's also probably the first time I've read of the hero being a funeral home director. I enjoyed reading about the little village the story was set in. Shropshire, England is quaint and the battle between the funeral home and the chapel is something the residents won't forget about soon, and neither will you.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Marla and Gabriel. I didn't really enjoy the crossed wires and other people who got in the way of them being a couple, but it's usually that way when you can see they're perfect for each other but they can't. There are some great secondary characters who add more humor and fuller look at rustic life. I mean there's all sorts and they make the story richer and more realistic.

Kat French's debut is a must read for romantic comedy and chick lit lovers. It's worth trying it out. You may just be unable to put it down like me, stop yourself from laughing out loud, or hanging you head in frustration from some of the antics you'll read about.

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