Thursday, July 17, 2014

{Jamie #Review} Contemporary Romance: Fanning The Flames by Victoria Dahl

Series: Jackson: Girls' Night Out #0.5
Genre: Contemporary
Format: ebook via Netgalley
Length: 61 pages
Publisher: Harlequin HQN (July 1, 2014)

Burning for you

Some men are off-limits. Close friends of your ex-husband, for instance. Or firefighters who work in the same building as you. Yet despite her best judgment, librarian Lauren Foster can't help noticing fire captain Jake Davis whenever he jogs by…shirtless. They've always been friends, but all it takes is one not-so-chance meeting at a local bar and one not-quite-innocent walk home to ignite a fierce, uncontrollable desire between them.

Widower Jake Davis has tried to ignore the spark he feels whenever Lauren's around, but once he sees her curves in a little black dress, there's no turning back. No matter how often she says she's all wrong for him, the sexy, outspoken divorcĂ©e is driving him wild in the best possible way. Maybe she's just blowing off steam. Or maybe he can convince her to fan these flames into something deeper, hotter and truer than they ever expected….

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Gah! How I've missed Victoria Dahl and her utterly sexy, yet funny, stories. I will start out by saying that I wish this was a longer, full length story, but only because I'm greedy like that.

Lauren is a librarian and it just so happens that the library is connected to the firehouse. A firehouse where the fire chief likes to run with his shirt off. Lauren enjoys looking, and has a bit of a crush on Jake but it's a bit awkward since she was married to one of his oldest friends. When an impromptu night out has them crossing paths they can't deny the sizzling chemistry between them.

Dirty. So dirty and so wonderful. These two lit the pages on fire. I love that Jake and Lauren were older, he's 46 and she's 43. They both have grown kids and know what they want out of the next chapter of their lives. It's not all dirty, sexy fun. There are some real laugh out loud moments.

Fanning The Flames is a quick read but is packed full of sexy and sassy storytelling. It's a great start to Dahl's new series and I really hope to see more of Lauren and Jake in future books.

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