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Forever Romance Blog Tour: Excerpt from Magnolia Drive by Rochelle Alers

Meet Rochelle:
Bestselling author, Rochelle Alers has nearly two million copies of her novels in print. She is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Gold Pen Award, the Emma Award, Vivian Stephens Award for Excellence in Romance Writing, the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award and the Zora Neale Hurston Literary Award.

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Keaton waited until she’d unlocked the door leading to her apartment before pulling her close to his chest. “I had a wonderful time tonight.”

When she glanced up at him through lowered lashes he felt as if he was being seduced.
Her mouth and body said one thing while her eyes sent out signals he had no problem interpreting.
“So did I,” she admitted in a breathless, whispery voice. Francine put her arms around his neck, pulling his head down. “Thank you.” She brushed her mouth over his. “Good night, Keaton.”

He pulled her closer, one hand at the small of her back, molding their bodies from chest to thigh. The glow from the light fixture above the door turned her into a statue of gold as his gaze moved lazily over her face and down to her throat, longing to fasten his mouth to the spot. His gaze reversed itself, lingering on her mouth.

His lips brushed hers, the gentle kiss surprising Keaton with the amount of control it took for him not to devour her mouth. Raising his lips from hers, he buried his face along the column of her neck, breathing a kiss on the silken perfumed skin.

He kissed her neck again. “Good night, beautiful.”

Keaton waited for Francine to close and lock the door. It was as if he were paralyzed because he couldn’t move. He didn’t want to leave her. Not tonight. Only because he didn’t want to spend the night alone.

Excerpt from MAGNOLIA DRIVE ©2014 by Rochelle Alers. All rights reserved.


Series: Cavanaugh Island #4
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 352 pages
Publisher: Forever (July 29th 2014)

After a painful divorce and failed acting career, Francine Tanner packs her things and moves back to her hometown of Sanctuary Cove. There, she will join her mother in the family business as a hairstylist at the Beauty Box. Putting her LA dreams behind her, all Francine wants is to focus on rebuilding her life.

Keaton Grace is an independent film writer and director looking for a great place to open his own studio. After happening upon the small-town, he buys an abandoned building and surrounding lands to start his company. But he doesn't expect to bump into the beautiful Francine Tanner when he walks into the Beauty Box for a haircut and shave. Remembering her from a performance years ago in an off-Broadway show, he knows exactly what role she will play in his life.

Sparks fly between the two until Keaton reveals his plan-he wants Francine to star in his upcoming film. Tortured by her Hollywood past, she refuses to have anything to do with the film, even if it means letting go of their budding romance.

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