Sunday, July 13, 2014

{Chanpreet #Review} Contemporary Romance: Grace Grows by Shelle Sumners

GRACE GROWS by Shelle Sumners
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook via Netgalley
Length: 336 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (October 30, 2012)

Grace Barnum’s life is precariously balanced on sensible choices and uncomfortable compromise. She dutifully edits textbooks that, she fears, may be more harmful than helpful to kids. She is engaged to a patent attorney who is steady and reliable. She has a cautious relationship with her fascinating father, a renowned New York painter, and she prefers her mom slightly drunk.

Always a planner, Grace feels prepared for most eventualities. Until the responsibility-challenged Tyler Wilkie shows up. Fresh in town from the Poconos, Tyler has warm eyes, a country drawl, and a smile that makes Grace drop things. Worst of all, he writes devastating songs. About her.

Tyler reaches something in Grace, something she needs, but can't admit to. Something she wants, but won't succumb to. Tyler Wilkie loves Grace Barnum and ruins everything. And Grace grows.

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Every once in a while I'll read a book I'll fall in love with. It's the characters, the story, the emotions they evoke in me, and how I feel and think about the book long after I've put it down. When I fall for a book, I also fall for its author because ultimately it's their blood, sweat, tears, and hard work I'm enjoying. Grace Grows was a book I wasn't expecting to love. Enjoy, maybe, but not love. Especially since I dragged my feet on starting the book. Boy did that change the moment I met Tyler.

You wouldn't expect Tyler and Grace to work together, especially since they are so different, but they did. I loved the dynamic between them and was rooting for Grace to let Tyler in from almost the beginning. Granted, their initial meetings weren't so great, but I could see that spark between them. I find it funny I liked Grace as much as I did. I've already mentioned she and Tyler are almost polar opposites in personalities. Tyler was ready to jump in and commit himself while Grace was hesitant and reluctant. I loved that their chemistry wasn't instant so much as it slowly developed over time. It felt a lot more like reality as opposed to fiction.

This book had some really feel good moments. I did a lot of laughing, some crying, and a whole bunch of groaning. Both Grace and Tyler made some choices that I didn't agree with, but I couldn't judge or condemn them for it. They always had the best interests of each other at heart. I honestly do not understand why this book didn't go viral and have all 5 star reviews everywhere. I sincerely feel like this book is a hidden gem and you can't help but fall for Grace and Tyler once you meet them.

I've been stalking, well following Shelle Sumner on Facebook and Twitter. I'm really excited to see she's been writing a new book. I honestly can not wait to read it. Her debut book stole my heart and I'm just eager to see what she does with the next one. If you happen to see this Shelle, I wouldn't mind more Grace and Tyler! :)

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