Thursday, June 5, 2014

{Kati Mini #Review} M/M Erotic Romance: In His Sights by Rie Warren

IN HIS SIGHTS by Rie Warren
Series: Don't Tell #1.5
Genre: M/M Erotic Romance
Format: eARC from author
Length: 81 pages
Publisher: Rie Warren (April 22, 2014)

Can two enemies overcome the battles within and the war without to find love? Or will the revolution destroy their chance at happiness?

At the outset of the revolution against the oppressive Company regime, Hawke is a freedom fighter on a mission. Infiltrate Alpha Territory, kick some Corps ass, and stay alive. His plans unravel when he’s captured by the enemy on his first sortie. Prepared for death by the soldier sworn to kill him, all his training couldn’t have prepared him for what happens next.

A corporal in the Company’s military branch, Mayce is a hard-liner intent on ridding his city of the insurgent threat. Yet one look at the gorgeous Freelander named Hawke and years of yearning and unrealized desires change his course permanently. If discovered, he’ll be branded a traitor and a homosexual—and sentenced to death.

Mayce and Hawke act on their intense and immediate attraction. But amid the escalating revolution their dangerous trysts come at the risk of their own lives, as Hawke soon finds out.

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If you're looking for looking for a dystopian M/M quickie, add In His Sights to your reading pile.

Mayce and Hawke fight on opposite sides of the war. Mayce fights for the Company—the faction who believe in heterosexual relationships and women are there for the purpose of continuing the human race. Hawke fights for the Freelanders—a faction located in the wilderness that embraces everyone from all walks of life.

An instant and super gropey interaction between Mayce and Hawke leads to secret meetings where they begin to fall for each other. Mayce must make a choice as to whether he will give up everything he's ever known for Hawke or stay in the Company and pretend like that was a one-time thing.

This novella is a little bit sweet, a whole lot of sexy and just a touch of intensity. I'd like to be in that Mayce and Hawke sandwich. They'd probably kick me out but a girl can try.

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