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{Chanpreet #Review} Contemporary Romance: Sun-Kissed by Laura Florand

SUN-KISSED by Laura Florand
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Snow Queen #2
Format: copy provided by author
Length: 213 pages
Publisher: Laura Florand (May 8, 2014)

They called her the Ice Queen.

Anne Winters. Self-made billionaire. Household name. Divorced single mom. Convicted felon. She didn’t let anyone or anything get to her. No one was allowed to breach the walls around her heart except for her own son. She had only one trusted friend: her vacation house neighbor. They’d been walking the beach together for twenty years. Not that this gave him access to her heart, of course…

They called him a man who got what he wanted.

Mack Corey. Self-made billionaire. Dominant world player. Widowed father of the bride. No felony convictions yet, although his daughters had come close. He’d transformed his family company into one of the top 500 by the age of thirty. He’d raised two daughters who dumped him for idiot arrogant French chocolatiers and went off to live in Paris. Hell, he even managed to tolerate his dad. But that Ice Queen act Anne Winters had going was really starting to get to him…

They’d been friends for twenty years. Could they become lovers?

Could a frozen heart be kissed by the sun?

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As someone who likes to think of herself as open minded, I recently discovered I had a prejudice stemming from when I first started reading romance as a pre-teen; I didn't like "mature" romance. Of course the term mature is relative. At 10, I didn't care about a book featuring a divorcee in her 30s or 40s finding love again. I couldn't relate to such a character, let alone comprehend you could be 30 years old, let alone 40. Of course after reading romance in various genres for twenty years, I've come to appreciate the connection I feel with the characters over anything else, like silly numbers. Oddly enough, when I first learned Laura Florand's newest release was going to feature Mack Corey and Anne Winters, I didn't give a hoot about how old they were. All I wanted was to see the indomitable Mack and Anne fall in love and all my favorite people from Laura's Amour et Chocolate series. Neither Laura, nor they disappointed.

First of all, if you haven't read anything by Laura Florand, you need to. Second of all, Sun-Kissed is the second book in Kissed series/duology. I should mention you don't have to read "Snow-Kissed" (First time Anne is mentioned) to be on the up and up or even The Chocolate Thief or The Chocolate Touch, which feature Mack, but you REALLY should. I mean all three absolutely blew my mind with how awesome they were, but I digress. From start to finished I was hooked. I liked Mack from my previous encounters but I wasn't quite sure about Anne. Both Mack and Anne are so strong and I loved getting to know them better. Plus they are perfect for each other. I really felt like Anne got the wrong end with her conviction and jail time. I also didn't think I'd be able to like her or see her in a romantic light, but I was wrong.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite part of this book. While Mack and Anne are the main focus, I really think Laura Florand outdid herself. This isn't just the story of a single couple. It's many all in one. Dominique and Jaime are getting married, so it's also partly their story as well. Cade and Jaime are seeing Mack and Anne in a new light, so it's also their story as Mack's children. You also have Anne's son Kurt and his relationship with his mother, plus that with his wife Kai. It's multi-faceted and written so well it's utterly brilliant!

I've come to expect Laura's stories will steal my heart. Whether it's a novella or a full length novel, I always devour it in a single sitting. As someone who is lucky enough to read fast, I always find myself willing to read slower so her books will last longer and so I can soak in each word. I don't ever want to let go of the people I meet in her books. I always laugh, cry, and fan myself from the amazing chemistry. I dare you to read this book and not love it. There's no way you can read this book and not be touched.

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