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{Chanpreet #Review} Contemporary Romance: Playing It Close by Kat Latham

Series: London Legends #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook via Netgalley
Length: 230 pages
Publisher: Carina Press (April 14, 2014)

Where do you go to escape everything when you're one of the most famous rugby players in the world? For Liam Callaghan, that place is a remote lodge on Venezuela's Caribbean coast. Perfect, except he doesn't exactly want to be alone with his thoughts. Enter Tess Chambers, the ultimate distraction.

Still reeling from a professional disaster that's made her all but unemployable, Tess understands the desire to move through life as somebody else. So when instantly recognizable Liam uses a fake name, she runs with it and creates a temporary new identity of her own.

Their time spent together in paradise is idyllic but brief—after one passionate night, Liam wakes up to find Tess gone. Returning to London, he's shocked to learn she's taken a job with his team's new sponsor. As the Legends' captain, he'll have to not only figure out how to work with the one woman who ever left him wanting more, but also convince her that their feelings in the present mean more than any lies they've told in the past.

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Going into this book all I expected was a hot promiscuous rugby player and lots of sex. Instead I was left reeling when I finished the book. This book took my expectations and blew them out of the water. I got all I wanted and so much more. Of course, had I read Kat Latham's debut book and the first book in the London Legends series, Knowing the Score, I probably wouldn't have been so surprised by how good it was. If you're like me and haven't read the first book, allow me to reassure you, this book is can easily be read as a stand alone.

I loved how both Tess and Liam were trying to escape their demons in England and yet met each other unexpectedly on the other side of the world and found themselves slightly unburdening themselves on each other all while keeping their given names from each other. I loved how they laid themselves and each other bare, both figuratively and literally. I love that while I got the hot sex I was expecting, it was exactly what Tess and Liam needed, and not over the top or too little. I love that Tess was a strong woman who didn't hesitate to face and admit her mistakes and short comings, yet she could've been you or me, especially when it came to the insecurities she felt regarding her body. Kat wrote characters I wanted to both be friends with and protect from the ugliness of life. It was very easy to forget Liam and Tess were fictional characters

This book is fast paced, I feel as if I read it in no time and yet it was so profound. There are a multitude of issues in this book that are dealt with a depth most wouldn't expect from a romance novel, let alone a sports romance. I love how seamlessly Kat Latham integrated them into the story. Nothing felt forced and everything was dealt with in a manner that was true but fair. I'm hoping Kat will write a story about Charlie, Tess's cousin especially since he plays a pivotal part in bringing Tess and Liam together again when they return to England. Oh and the index pertaining to rugby terms is a brilliant move. It kept me, someone who knows nothing at all about the sport of rugby, from being confused. I think it's safe to say I'm excited to have discovered another author to add to "my must read" and "want in paperback" lists as well as a new sport to read about.

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