Saturday, March 29, 2014

Studio Smexy Saturdays: Spotlight on Jackie Barbosa

Today’s Studio Smexy Saturday is going in a bit of a different direction. We won’t have any behind-the-scenes, cover reveals, author interviews or anything of that sort.

It has been said that the romance community is the most supportive and generous of all the genre communities. Whether it’s coming together to help hurricane victims, a yearly auction for diabetes research, or to help a well known author or blogger through a tough time. This community is definitely all sorts of amazing.

Last week one of our beloved authors, Jackie Barbosa, lost her seventeen-year-old son in a car accident. Although most of us will never be able to understand the depth of her and her family’s pain, Jackie’s loss is also our loss. We grieve for her and with her.

Today, in support of Jackie, the very talented author, we are featuring some of Jackie’s books. One of them is a free read called THE REIVER. This features a Studio Smexy image (since we’re still going with the Studio Smexy Saturday theme.)

Duncan Maxwell, laird of Lochmorton Castle, gets the shock of his life when he discovers the reiver captured in a raid on his lands is not a boy, but a young woman. Although she flatly refuses to tell him her name or how she came to be riding with a raiding party, Duncan cannot countenance imprisoning a woman in his dungeon but neither can he release her without compensation. Unable to ransom her back to her family, he treats her as an honored - though exceptionally well-supervised - guest. He takes to calling her Reva and determines to seduce the truth of her identity from her. There’s just one problem - the reiver may steal his heart before he can reveal her secrets.

This story was originally published in the Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance.

For a limited time, this book is priced at $2.99 for your e-reader.

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Forbidden fantasies and hidden pleasures are waiting. Enter the Red Door, a most exclusive brothel, where men enjoy all the sins of the flesh and women surrender to their own secret desires. . . 

"Wickedly Ever After"
Known for his wicked ways, the Marquess of Grenville is far from marriage material. But when Miss Eleanor Palmer tries to tell him so, she quickly finds the heat of his kiss melting her determination to say "no" into an uncontrollable desire to say "yes. . ."

"Scandalously Ever After"
Most men who visit the Red Door brothel enjoy sampling the variety of feminine delights, so Calliope is surprised when Captain Jack Prescott claims her for a week of passion. But satisfying his every sexual desire provides them both with complete carnal pleasure. . .

"Sinfully Ever After"
Lady Jane St. Clair loves her fiance, but Gerard Nash is a notorious rake who likes adventurous women. Wanting to show him just how bold she can be, Jane masquerades as a young ingenue at the Red Door where she and Gerard experience sinfully erotic ecstasy. .

Other books by Jackie:
Nine Ladies Dancing [historical] FREE
Grace Under Fire [historical menage]
Comrades in Arms [historical menage]
Skin In the Game [Contemporary Erotic]

Entire Booklist:

Jenn, our fearless Studio Smexy leader, wrote a post about Jackie on her blog.

A memorial fund has also been set up in her son’s name. Details to donate can be found here. Any and all donation amounts are greatly appreciated.

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