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Studio Smexy Saturdays: EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL—Absolute Surrender Formerly Known As #Twitchy by Jenn LeBlanc + #Giveaway (US/International)

Hey peeps. It’s been a while since we’ve done some Studio Smexy Saturday posts here and today, we’ve got HUGE ASS NEWS. The founder of Studio Smexy/Illustrated Romance has finally finished book two and she’s sharing the cover for it.

*pets* Isn’t it purty?

Okay, let’s backtrack...Two years ago, an illustrated romance called THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE showed up in our inbox. This book was about two brothers—broken into two stories, serialized in six parts (before serial novels were cool, yeah, she was ahead of the curve)—who fall in love with headstrong women. They are literally brought down to their knees *wink wink* Anyway, it had these GORGEOUS images inside. Nothing dirty. Okay, a totally wet, half naked guy but who hasn’t seen that on a book cover?

Like this.

Fast-forward to now...Twitchy aka ABSOLUTE SURRENDER has been two years in the making. We were given teasers, glimpses of this woman who has known these two men since she was a child. One grew up with her and the other was kept at a distance but would someday marry her. We waited and waited and waited to see who she would choose. Codename Twitchy was finally written and all that was left was the casting for the image.

The last six months has been one crazy train of preparation. From the moment we met Tristan, we knew he would be Charles—shhh, don’t tell him that—and all we needed was a Hugh and a Twitchy. Y’all should see the emails and texts between Jenn and I looking for Hugh and Amelia. Crazy train. Then, the day came when we had a Charles, a Hugh and a Twitchy. Things were falling into place.

Two weeks ago, I flew to Denver for a week long immersion course in what went into a shoot for an illustrated romance. I remember there were late nights, early mornings, lots of spreadsheet porn, highlighters, costumes, driving a mini van (don’t ask, I won’t tell), snow, and caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine. Oh, did you know that two grandes equal a trenta? Yeah, don’t try that at home. And maybe several viewings of Austenland. I think we've got the movie down almost line for line.

At that time, Twitchy still didn’t have a title but we were ready to shoot some images. Okay, A LOT of images. Armed with our spreadsheet, we went to work and I tweeted a few things…

And some outtakes because studio time isn't all seriousness...

So there you have it. A behind-the-scenes look through my eyes. I do have some video but I won’t post that. If you ever find me at a conference, I might share. I do take bribery in the form of caffeine or alcohol but I can’t be held accountable for what I say in a caffeine or alcohol induced state.


Genre: Historical
Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Jenn LeBlanc (April 8, 2014)

Happiness was always too much for Lady Amelia to hope for. Now all she expects is to secure her future and marry Charles, Duke of Castleberry, as arranged. But Amelia has a dangerous secret that could not only destroy her in Charles's eyes and the eyes of society, but could also very well condemn her to Bedlam.

Baron Endsleigh, Amelia’s oldest friend, has other ideas. Ender has loved Amelia all his life. He knows her secrets, and they don’t frighten him. He plans to come between Amelia and Charles in any way he can to prevent the marriage and finally claim Amelia for his own. Though her father forbade the match years ago, Ender is determined to have her as his wife and nothing can stop him. Not even a duke as powerful as Castleberry.

That duke has hated Baron Endsleigh and wanted Amelia for, what seems to him, forever. Charles will stop at nothing to make her his, and his alone, even if that means destroying the one thing he knows she loves most in this world—Endsleigh.

Will Amelia be able to choose when one man speaks to her head and the other her heart?

None of them will find happiness until they all three learn to embrace absolute surrender.

Meet Jenn:
Canon. Curls. Colorado. CJs. Chuck Norris.
Born and raised in a household of other people’s children in this beautiful state —very nearly with a camera in hand— she never left. She started her own family, got used to the curls, went to college, built a CJ, started a business, and totally beat the daylights out of Chuck Norris, all with a camera in hand.
Spending her days in parenting chat rooms she got highly adept with one-handed typing and she can still type just about as fast with one hand as she can with two. It’s a great talent to have when engrossed in a scene and in need of a hit of caffeine. Once she finished her first novel she quickly realized: She was born a photographer.
From the realization that someone ELSE would be shooting the cover of HER book her control-freak took over. What started as an easy cover shoot ballooned into this completely new kind of media, designed specifically for digital book readers.
She lives and thrives off chaos and the constant flow of the creative process. She wears shorts and flip-flops year-round —much to the chagrin of her friends and family— and she is currently working on the illustrations for her second novel. Her first serial novel THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE is doing its own Chuck Norris impersonation with the time travel charts on Amazon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook sharing eye candy (NSFW) and being a total rock star.

Two lucky commenters will win an ebook copy of ABSOLUTE SURRENDER when it releases on April 8th. Two other lucky commenters will win a Studio Smexy Swag pack with buttons, bookmarks and other stuff.

If we reach 1000 entries by the end of the giveaway, one lucky commenter will win a SIGNED copy of ABSOLUTE SURRENDER (signed by Jenn, Charles, Hugh and Amelia)
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