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{Jamie #Review} Historical Romance: The Rogue Returns by Leigh LaValle

Series: The Nottinghamshire series #3
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: PDF
Length: 231 pages
Publisher: Heart Bay Publishing (January 13, 2014)


Lady Helen Gladstone has siblings to protect and creditors at her door. There's only one way to stave off disaster—to find the fabled fortune that her deceased brother buried years ago. Her experience with her lying father and gambling brother has left her able to spot a scoundrel at ten paces. Unfortunately, the scoundrel she encounters is a lot closer than that...and he's planning to make off with her treasure.


After years of exile, Roane Grantham is eager to begin a new life without the law on his heels. First, he needs gold—his gold, buried one drunken night long ago. But he doesn't count on a petite, bold-as-brass blonde laying claim to his hoard.

Forming an uneasy alliance, Helen and Roane adventure through the high peaks of England, battling treasure hunters, violent storms, and dangerous terrain. But can they escape the growing passion that lays claim to their hearts?

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The Runaway Countess was one of my favorite reads when it came out back in 2012. I quickly fell in love with Leigh LaValle’s writing and way of telling a story. I also fell in love with The Midnight Rider. And now we finally have his story.

I want to start by saying that historicals, for me, haven’t been doing it for me. I don’t know what it is but I’ve haven’t been intrigued, or interested, in one in a long time. Until The Rogue Returns. I have been waiting Roane Grantham’s story since he first appeared so when I got the opportunity to read it I was excited and hoped it lived up to the hype in my head. And it did!

Roane was sent to exile for a few years and is back in England. Years ago, on a drunken night with his friend he buried some gold. What should be a simple trip to retrieve the gold turns into a treasure hunt across mountains of England, with a Lady no less.

Lady Helen Gladstone is having some trouble. Her brother died and left a wake of creditors banging down her door. Her last hope is finding the gold her brother buried. After days searching she hasn’t been able to find it then a mysterious man shows up claiming half the gold is his. After a bit more digging, Roane finds where it was buried, expect it’s not there. James, his friend and Lady Helen’s brother, has replaced it with a treasure map to where he moved the gold. Now, Roane and Helen have to set across England to find it with people after them and the treasure.

Oh, Lady Helen. She is a lady. She belongs in the ballrooms of London and is completely out of her element but she is determined to save her family and if going on a treasure hunt with Roane is what it will take then she’s doing it. I loved seeing her evolve over the story and find her way with Roane, even when he was trying to get her to go home. And I love that she stayed true to herself, well the best she could. One of my favorite things was that she is dirty, tired, and forced to ride a horse like a man but she will not let go of her reticule. Even though Roane is practically begging her to get rid of it she refuses, many times. “A lady travels with a reticule.”

Roane is a rogue. He is charming, and sexy. He is also dark and mysterious. But he is also a gentleman. He is kind to Helen, even if he teases her and calls her Buttercup. But there is no doubt in my mind that if Helen went back to London he would find her part of the treasure and give it to her.

I love that the majority of the book is just Roane and Helen on this adventure. It is them coming to an uneasy understanding and then learning to work together to find the treasure and, of course, eventually falling for each other. I loved that it was very focused on the romance. It was a slow build up with sizzling chemistry that lead to a great romance. Loved it!

The Rogue Returns was a great read that is full of wit, romance and adventure. Leigh LaValle continues to amaze with great writing and story telling. I cannot wait for more. If you love great historical romances then read all of Leigh LaValle’s books. Seriously amazing.

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