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{Lisa #Review} Historical Romance: Upon A Winter's Night by Pamela Clare

Genre: Historical Romance
Series: MacKinnon's Rangers #3.5
Format: Kindle
Length: 110 pages
Publisher: Pamela Clare (November 24, 2013)

Reunite with the MacKinnon brothers and their wives for Christmas—and a tale of love, new life, and redemption.

The war between Britain and the French is finally at an end, and the MacKinnons are looking forward to celebrating their first peacetime Christmas in five long years. While Iain and Annie have discovered that the pleasures of marriage grow deeper with time, Morgan and Amalie find themselves at bitter odds. Meanwhile, Connor and Sarah have a newborn son to cherish.

The family's preparations for the holidays are interrupted when Iain learns that Britain has not paid the Rangers for the summer's victorious campaigns. Unwilling to let men who fought under the MacKinnon name suffer deprivation at Christmastime, Iain, Morgan, and Connor leave the warmth of their frontier farm for Albany. There, they find their happy Christmas, and even their freedom, at risk at the hands of a ruthless British officer who holds a grudge against them.

With the men gone, Annie, Amalie, and Sarah do their best to prepare for the festivities despite differing traditions, a raging bull—and the gnawing fear that their husbands won't make it home for Yule.

Events begin the day after the epilogue of Defiant ends. The story includes Joseph, Killy—and revelations about the fate of Lord William Wentworth.

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“She was beauty. She was joy. She was life.”
This is a perfect sweet romance that allows you to catch up with the MacKinnon brothers. Ian, Conner, Murphy, their wives and growing families.

I really enjoyed this story as a great short novella with the happy backdrop of a mixture of Christmas traditions. It was like visiting old friends, however I think as a reader you may feel a little lost if you haven’t read the rest of the series which I highly recommend.

Without giving any spoilers…. There is finally some closure with Wentworth and a surprise for Killy. For the Joseph fans, there’s hints of a future story for him as well.
“Until one has seen such beauty, such violent extremes of nature, with one’s own eyes, one simply cannot conceive that such beauty exists.”

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