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December Joyathon 2013: Kati's 12 Romance Heroes of Christmas

Meet Kati:
Kati is a recovering romance book addict. She took a three year hiatus to dip her foot into other genres and they just didn't do it for her. Sorry Twihards. Thanks to Delilah Marvelle and Victoria Dahl, she's found her way back. In her free time she likes to sit at the beach and ogle hot guys behind her aviators (not at all creepy). She started reading romance at 14 (there was some sort of Highlander with a mighty sword involved) and found her soulmate Henry Cavill at 16 (he just doesn't know it yet).

Kati's 12 Romance Heroes

Mr. January
Edmund Worthington, the Duke of Rutherford from MISTRESS OF PLEASURE by Delilah Marvelle. It's a Delilah Marvelle book. Enough said.

Mr. February
Zach McBride from BREAKING POINT by Pamela Clare. He was officially my first foray into all things romantic suspense and Pamela Clare. I haven't looked back.

Mr. March
Warrick Fitzhugh from IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY by Shana Galen. Who wouldn't want to find this guy lurking in her bed? Well, anyone but the Marchioness of Mystery.

Mr. April
Alexius Braverton, Marquess of Sinclair from ALL NIGHT WITH A ROGUE by Alexandra Hawkins. I will never look at a pearl necklace the same way ever again. EVER.

Mr. May
Drew Callahan from ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND, SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND and DREW & FABLE FOREVER by Monica Murphy. He's the kind of guy I had a secret crush on in high school. Although that guy probably didn't have a messed up home life like Drew.

Mr. June
Gideon Trumbull, the Duke of Roxleigh from THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE by Jenn LeBlanc. I mean..."You either need to find your way out of my bed, or I will find my way into you." *swoon*

Mr. July
Griffin from THE ANGEL by Tiffany Reiz. 5 words= black kilt, Doc Marten boots *dies*

Mr. August
Westley from THE PRINCESS BRIDE (the movie version because I've never read the book). He'll climb the Cliffs of Insanity, go head to head with a Sicilian, duel with Inigo Montoya, comes back from the brink of death just to rescue his Buttercup.

Mr. September
Grant Waters from FALL INTO YOU by Roni Loren. He's perfectly broken and you just want to fix him up by letting him dominate you.

Mr. October
Caspar Cannon and Nathaniel Rice from IN HIS COMMAND by Rie Warren. They may be each other's heroes but I'd like to be in the middle of that sandwich.

Mr. November
Thanatos aka Death from LETHAL RIDER by Larissa Ione. A guy who has remained celibate for thousands of years because the world could go to hell in a hand basket if he did some smexy times? I'd like to buy a ticket please.

Mr. December
Tohrment from LOVER REBORN by JR Ward. Curse Jamie and her pushing me to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.


Q: Sometimes heroes can be jerks as secondary characters but then get a book of their own. How much of an asshole would he have to be to NOT be redeemable?

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