Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{Heather #Review}: Contemporary Erotic: Matzoh and Mistletoe by Jodie Griffin

Genre: Contemporary Erotic
Format: ebook via Netgalley
Length: 107 pages
Publisher: Carina Press (November 21, 2013)

Every December twenty-fifth, Rebeccah Rickman volunteers through her synagogue so that others can celebrate Christmas. Her usual mitzvah, or good deed, is assisting police officer Jeremy Kohler. But this year is different: this year, Becca is free to act on the attraction that has long simmered between her and the sexy cop.

Jeremy couldn't have asked for a better gift than discovering the woman he's fantasized about for five long years is single. But when he learns about the violence that broke up Becca's marriage, he's hesitant to pursue her. He fears his desires will scare her away—but can't deny his own need for control in the bedroom. Or his longing to instruct her in the fine art of submission…

Becca is shocked to learn that Jeremy is a sexual dominant. And despite her past, she's also aroused. But before she can explore what that means, she's going to have to put her trust in Jeremy—and her own fledgling desires.

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Matzoh and Mistletoe is a novella of about 38,000 words that follows the story of Becca and Jeremy. As with many shorter length stories, the hero and heroine are known to each other. The background between the two is well laid-out, and one feels as though one knows these two within a few pages. The author does a great job laying the groundwork of sexual tension between these two right from the beginning which helps understand the faster pace of this story as compared to a full length novel.

As Becca and Jeremy come clean about their respective pasts and begin navigating a tricky (if exciting) present, we get to go along for the ride. This book does a terrific job showing what an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle might be like. We get hints of the more hardcore stuff, but Becca and Jeremy keep things pretty light while we are with them. This was brilliantly handled by the author. If you’ve ever wondered what BDSM might be like – this book is an excellent starting place.

There are a couple of reasons why the book didn’t get five hearts, but they are minor. First, I had a hard time believing the premise of the two of them getting together. Why on earth would a police force let civilians just ride along? Maybe such a thing happens, but if so it must be pretty rare. The scenes of the ride-along were distracting to me for this reason. Second, the issue of Becca’s ex is never satisfied to my satisfaction. I was left not knowing if Becca should still be worried about a potential threat from him, and that loose end bugged me as I finished the story.

In the end, though, this was a delightful read with interesting and relatable characters. Its spicy, so be forewarned – but if like me you enjoy some steam with your romance, I totally recommend this book.

Favorite Quote:
He cocked his head. “This doesn’t shock you?”
She gave a half-laugh and continued to fan her face. He could practically see the wheels turning in her brain, could see her tying what had happened at his house to what he’d just told her. “Shock? Yes, it does. I never would’ve guessed that about you. But I don’t think that’s what you mean. You want to know if I’m turned off by it.”
She really didn’t pull any punches. “Yeah.”
“I can think of about twenty different synonyms for the adjective that best describes what I’m feeling, but not a single one is disgust.”

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