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Interview with Marina Adair, author of Autumn In the Vineyard + #Giveaway (US)

Kick back, relax, grab some wine and celebrate the recent release of Marina Adair's AUTUMN IN THE VINEYARD, the third book in the St. Helena Vineyard series.

Meet Marina:
Marina Adair is a #1 National best-selling author of romance novels. Along with the St. Helena Vineyard series, she is also the author of Sugar's Twice as Sweet, part of the Sugar, Georgia series and Tucker's Crossing, part of the Sweet Plains series. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two neurotic cats in Northern California.

As a writer, Marina is devoted to giving her readers contemporary romance where the towns are small, the personalities large, and the romance explosive. She also loves to interact with readers and you can catch her on Twitter at @MarinaEAdair or visit her at

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Jamie and Kati: Hi Marina! Welcome back to Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance. It is always a pleasure to have you on the blog!
Marina Adair: Thanks for having me. I am always excited to be here!

J&K: Share 5 fun facts about you that may surprise readers.
  1. I ran into Jackie Chan at a mall. As in we were both running from the rain and collided in a big tangle of limbs…It was epic.
  2. I was a competitive cheerleading coach.
  3. While everyone else was crushing on Angel off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I had a thing for Giles. Still do. Did you know he is in a band? Prrrr….
  4. I had a pet chicken named Princess who used to sit on the couch and watch TV with me.
  5. I once ate an entire tub of peanut butter in one sitting. With a spoon.
J&K: Tell us a little bit about Autumn in the Vineyard [no copying blurb :)]
MA: AUTUMN IN THE VINEYARD is the third book in the St. Helena Vineyard series and is an enemy-to-lovers story that centers around Nate DeLuca, the second oldest brother who always has a well-laid plan for every occasion. He lands the most sought after vineyard in the Napa Valley, a piece of land that has been at the heart of a 60 year feud between his family and the Baudoins, but finds himself locked in a land dispute. If he and Frankie can’t come to terms in a peaceful manner, they both loose the property. Even worse, he is forced to cohabitate with the hot-headed, irrational, and incredibly sexy woman—who doesn’t have a logical bone in her luscious body. But when he discovers Frankie sleeps in nothing but lace, he decides that logic is over rated—especially when chaos is so much fun.

J&K: Frankie and Nate have been butting heads since we first met them in Kissing Under The Mistletoe, what took them this long to get together?
MA: Stubborn pride. Frankie and Nate have a secret and heated past. To make things worse, Nate has seen sides of Frankie that she struggles to keeps hidden. And if there is one thing that drives Frankie nuts, it’s having someone see through her tough-girl barriers. I knew that the only way to get her to give into the chemistry was to force them to share space, because it’s hard to hide the real you from someone who shares your shower.

J&K: What was the inspiration for the St. Helena Vineyard series?
MA: Several years ago my husband invited his cousin to Thanksgiving dinner, who in turn invited her aunt, who invited another aunt, who invited an uncle and in the end I was responsible for roasting turkey for 13 Italians—let me clarify, I put the turkey in the oven and as soon as his family learned I was A) NOT Italian and B) a vegetarian, I was promptly kicked out of the kitchen and given a glass of wine. The dinner was loud and long and we consumed 25lbs of Turkey, 14 bottles of wine and I knew that someday I would have to capture this kind of crazy love on paper.

But the actual development of the DeLuca family came from a babysitter I had when I was in grammar school. She was the only girl in an Italian family of seven and her brothers were 100% alpha, extremely over protective, and, since they beat the crap out of anyone who looked at her twice, made dating virtually impossible for her. I merged the two experiences and came up with a series about a big, loud Italian family who were always in each other’s business and even though they irritated the hell out of one another, they were fiercely loyal.

J&K: What can readers expect from you next?
MA: Book #4 in the St. Helena Vineyard series, BE MINE FOREVER, comes out January 21, 2014 and follows the baby of the family, Trey DeLuca. After watching his each of brothers trade in their man-card for a minivan, Trey develops a severe allergic reaction to commitment, compromise, and kids. So of course I paired him up with the sexy single-mom next door who isn’t in the market for a man—so much as a Manny to watch her son. It was fun to witness the commitment-phobe playboy fall hard, especially when the woman he is falling for comes stock-ready with a kid, white picket fence, and a life that screams commitment.

J&K: Congrats on the new release! We can’t wait to read it.
MA: Thanks for having me!


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: St. Helena Vineyard #3
Length: 324 pages
Publisher: Montlake Romance (October 29, 2013)

Frankie Baudouin has a hundred reasons not to trust Nate DeLuca. First, he’s a DeLuca. Second, he kissed her—in front of the entire town—and then never called. Oh, and he’s after her land. Sorrento Ranch is Frankie’s last chance to prove to her family—and to herself—that she has what it takes to be an award-winning winemaker. And she will stop at nothing to ensure her success—even if it means playing nice with the starched, sophisticated, and oh-so-sexy Italian.

For Nate, Sorrento Ranch is more than just soil and grape vines; it was his father’s dream—a dream Nate is determined to make a reality. So when he finds himself forced to cohabitate with a hot-headed, irrational, and incredibly gorgeous Baudouin, Nate is surprised to discover that chaos could be so much fun—especially when she sleeps in nothing but lace.

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