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Blog Tour: Excerpt from All In with the Duke by Ava March + #Giveaway

Meet Ava:
Ava March is an author of sexy, emotionally intense M/M historical erotic romances. She loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors. With over fifteen works to her credit, her books have been finalists in the Rainbow Awards and More Than Magic contest, and deemed ‘must-haves’ for Historical M/M romance by RT Book Reviews readers.

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“I thought you wanted to discover where this passageway led?” Max pushed back and turned right, stepping away from that too-tempting hand, away from the heat of Tristan’s body.
“I do, though—”
“It’s just a few strides ahead of us.” This time, he reached out before him, stopping when his hand encountered cool wood. “We’re here,” he murmured.
“What if there’s a servant in the room, tidying up or something?” Tristan’s voice drifted over his shoulder.
Very valid question. When he’d pop out of one of the hidden passages as a child, he never worried about such a thing. Now though…
While it was his home and he had every right to go wherever he pleased, he was an adult and he was with Tristan, his new houseguest. And while he was doing his best to ignore his erection, that didn’t change the fact it would be quite obvious to anyone who laid eyes on him.
He pressed his ear to the door. Nothing. But his servants could move about very quietly.
“Likely best not to take the risk of startling a maid.” He turned from the door, turning into Tristan.
“Which room was it?”
“The drawing room.” Not very exciting, but the fun had been in making Tristan wonder. “Let’s go back the way we came.”
Instead of stepping back and turning, Tristan stepped into him, breaching whatever distance had been between them. A hand wrapped around Max’s erection as much as the placket of his trousers would allow, gave the hard, needy length a squeeze.
“Do you think you could be quiet while I finished what I started?” Tristan asked, voice dropping to a low, scratchy whisper, soaked in the promise of a spectacular orgasm.
The hell with it. His desk could wait a few more minutes.
“Of course,” he replied, as if Tristan had no cause at all to even ask the question.
There was the soft sound of fabric shifting as the press of Tristan’s body left him. The man must be dropping to his knees. Anticipation spiked in Max’s veins. Hands deftly worked the buttons on his trousers, reached inside to pull out his cock. Wet heat engulfed the crown.
As Max tipped his head back against the door and set his jaw to hold back the groan filling his throat, he discovered Tristan’s hair was indeed still long enough to get a good grasp on it.

Excerpt from ALL IN WITH THE DUKE ©2013 by Ava March. All rights reserved.


Genre: M/M Historical
Series: Gambling on Love #1
Length: 210 pages
Publisher: Carina Press (November 11, 2013)

Max Arrington, the Duke of Pelham, vows to never again let a handsome face blind him to a man's true intentions. But ten months of celibacy and lonely nights drive him to a decadent brothel, where a beautiful young man arouses his illicit passions as never before.

Tristan Walsh has grown tired of being used for men's pleasure. But his latest client is different: commanding yet generous, Max makes him feel cared for as well as wanted. Yet Tristan knows he'll never have the choice to leave the brothel and submit only to Max.

So when Max invites him to be his guest at his country estate, Tristan eagerly agrees to his terms—days to do as he pleases while Max tends to the dukedom, and nights spent together in wicked play. But when the "business arrangement" begins to deepen into something more, Tristan must face the fact that he has no true place in Max's life—or in Max's guarded heart…

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