Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog Tour: Attainment by J.H. Cardwell + #Giveaway (US)

Meet J.H.:
Julie has spent years in the medical field. The first few as a Cardiac Specialty Nurse, and over the last decade as a Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales Representative. She has gathered mounds of experience both personally and professionally to pour into her new passion…writing. After years of power points in the corporate world, she is trying her hand at romance fiction with her first novel, Attainment, and the soon to be released sequel Atonement. Julie resides in a small town in NC with her husband and four children. She continues working full time in sales, exploring her writing late at night and in the wee hours of the morning when her children are tucked safely in bed.

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Tate reached over and pulled the blanket over us, up to our chins. Then he put his arms around me, stroking my back. Leaning in, he gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Still close to my face, and exhaling slowly he said “I want you to never worry about a guy hurting you again, okay. I want to be here for you always. Then he started trailing his lips down my neck and over my collarbone.” The feeling was...amazing. I couldn't believe after last night I could allow myself to relax to a guy’s touch.  But his was, soothing and healing.
When his lips found mine again, I didn’t hold back. I kissed him, leaving no room for interpretation. His tongue touched mine, sending shivers down my back and legs. Then our kiss deepened further, and his hands slid down to my waist and then my backside. The pain from the bruise on my hip startled me, causing me to stop. I grabbed the covers tight with my hands, and pulled them up to my chin gasping.

Excerpt from ATTAINMENT ©2013 by J.H. Cardwell. All rights reserved.


There are many ways to capture a person’s love, but unwilling, full attainment is never the best option.

Life hasn’t been easy for 18 year old Reese Stanford. After a traumatic incident a year ago, she has a hard time trusting any guy. She finally allows herself to fall for the heart throb, Tate Justice, only to realize he too comes with his own set of issues.

Swearing off men, she meets a beach ‘god’ who will settle for no less than all of Reese. That is at least, until she learns a truth about Tate that changes the game entirely.

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