Friday, October 18, 2013

{Jamie #Review} Contemporary Romance: The Switch by JC Emery

Genre: Contemporary
Series: Men with Badges #2
Format: PDF
Length: 186 pages
Publisher: Left Break Press (September 28, 2013)

Shelby Brignac has gotten herself into some trouble. From her awful taste in men to her poor choices, she just can’t catch a break. After stupidly helping her boyfriend with his loan sharking business, Shelby has decided she wants out. It’s just too dangerous for a waitress, in her opinion. But just when she thinks she’s free of the headache, she’s offered up one last job– one last job she can’t refuse: retrieve a precious antique gem and she’ll get her best friend back alive.

Hiding out in New Orleans’ French Quarter with the rare purple diamond in tow, Shelby thinks she has no way out of the seemingly hopeless situation– that is until Chase Guilliot, an off-duty cop intervenes, saving her life. Too bad for Chase that the gunman who’s hot on his tail doesn’t care if one of his targets carries a badge– he just wants Shelby’s head and that diamond back. And he’s not above killing a cop to get it.

On the run with a hot rare diamond and a beautiful hot-headed woman, Chase’s oath to serve and protect is pushed to the limits. Unsure if he can trust the one person he wants to more than anything, Chase swears he’ll get both he and Shelby out of this mess alive, but then he’s done with her for good– or is he?

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Shelby Brignac is in a lot of trouble. Her best friend has been kidnapped by Shelby’s ex and to get her back she needs to steal a rare diamond. But things go wrong when Shelby finds herself running from a gunman and straight into the arms of off duty cop Chase Guilliot. Chase reacts instantly and helps Shelby but he knows that she’s keeping something from him.

Shelby is not what she seems. She comes off as the bad girl but Chase knows that’s not the real her, even she pulls a gun on him. But the more time Chase and Shelby spend together the more they start to fall for each other and Chase is left to wonder about where to draw the line. He’s a police officer and she’s a thief.

The Switch starts off with action and it never lets up. You are on a constant adventure you never know where it’s going to take you. There is also a lot of humor. Shelby is hoot. The things she says will make you laugh. She’s in this life or death situation and she’s cracking jokes. Poor Chase has to put up with her and her crazy stunts. I felt bad for him.

I do think that everything moved just a bit too fast. The story takes place over the course of a couple days and Chase and Shelby find themselves in love so quickly. It just wasn’t that believable. I also found Shelby a bit annoying at times. At times she comes off as TSTL (too stupid to live) and I couldn’t see what Chase saw in her. I also didn’t get a feel of a connection between her and Chase. But Chase says “I’m a sucker for a hot chick with a side of crazy.” and crazy she is.

I will be honest and say that I almost stopped reading. The book started off really strong and I found myself so excited to keep reading but as I reached the middle I was finding it harder to keep focused. I am happy that I finished it though, and the ending was good.

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