Monday, October 21, 2013

{Heather #Review} Contemporary Romance: The Trouble With Christmas by Debbie Mason

Genre: Contemporary
Format: ARC
Length: 416 pages
Publisher: Forever (September 24, 2013)

It will take a Christmas miracle to melt her heart.

Resort developer Madison Lane is about to lose the one thing she loves most in the world—her job. Dubbed “The Grinch Who Killed Christmas,” Madison spoiled a deal that would turn quaint Christmas, Colorado, into a tourist’s winter wonderland. Now the citizens want her fired but the company gives her one last chance, sending Madison to the small town to restore the holiday cheer.

For Sheriff Gage McBride, no hotshot executive from New York City is going to destroy the dreams of the people he loves. But one look at this beautiful woman and it’s his heart that may be broken. In just a few days, Madison causes more trouble than he’s had to deal with all year. He can’t decide if she’s naughty or nice, but one thing is for certain—Christmas will never be the same again...

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The Trouble with Christmas is a holiday romance novel set in a quintessential small town. It is filled with all the characters one would find in a small town, including a hunky sheriff, busybody aunt, and a passel of kids. This book teems with vibrant secondary characters, many of whom are strong enough to star in novels of their own.

The heroine, Madison Lane, is the classic city mouse in the country, although she adapts fairly quickly to small town life. I enjoyed her sharp mind and her ability to suck it up and deal with the cards she had been dealt.

I was a little less impressed with the hero, Gage McBride. Town sheriff, divorcee, alpha male, general stud, he seems to have all the makings of a great hero, but he is woefully unable to deal with the women in his life. His aunt, eldest daughter and ex-wife all run roughshod over him which leads to Madison being hurt several times. It seems that an alpha male + sheriff should equal more authority where they are concerned.

I enjoyed this story. It’s sweet with a little heat, the afore-mentioned secondary characters are entertaining, and I couldn’t help but root for Madison. Two things kept this book from getting five hearts. First: the book has a LOT of incidents and misfortunes, which slows the story down drastically. Cutting a few scenes out would have sped it up without losing much, in my opinion. Second: Gage’s inability to deal with women. It was frustrating to watch him roll over and take the poor treatment and behavior he was getting from the females around him.

Favorite Quote:
“Me? You were going to give me a ticket? You people are crazy. Who for the love of God had the brilliant idea to have Santa leap out of the woods at unsuspecting drivers? I should sue. Look at that face. I’m going to have nightmares.”
“Ma’am, it’s Santa…”
Gage lowered his radio. “She really is a Grinch.”

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