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{Lisa #Review} Historical Romance: One Heart To Win by Johanna Lindsey

ONE HEART TO WIN by Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical
Format: ARC provided by publisher
Length: 386 pages
Publisher: Gallery Books (June 11, 2013)

Some young ladies marry for money and social standing, a few lucky ones marry for love—but Tiffany Warren is marrying to end a feud. Honoring her mother’s promise, Tiffany reluctantly travels west to meet her estranged father and his enemy’s eldest son, rancher Hunter Callahan. Once the Warrens and the Callahans are united by marriage, both clans will stop squabbling over a disputed strip of land. In the chaos of a train robbery Tiffany seizes a golden opportunity: By assuming the identity of her father’s new housekeeper she can live with the father she never knew and assess his true character, as well as that of the neighboring cowboy to whom she is betrothed. But, too late, Tiffany discovers that the rivalry between the Warrens and the Callahans has escalated when the Callahans steal the Warrens’ housekeeper as soon as she steps off the train!

Now, Tiffany, who is pretending to be Jennifer Fleming, finds herself living in the enemy camp, under the same roof as her fiancĂ©. All too soon she learns her intended is a handsome, sweet talking charmer whom she has to fight off because he can’t keep his eyes—or his hands—off Jennifer. After Tiffany’s charade is exposed she refuses to marry Hunter to end the feud. As Hunter goes about claiming his rightful bride-to-be, he knows that although he loves two women—proper, elegant Tiffany as well as spunky, passionate Jennifer—he has only one heart to win.

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WOW! I loved this story. I started reading this without knowing anything about it except it was a cowboy romance. Immediately, you become immersed back into time and are part of Tiffany’s trip from New York to the wild west of Montana to meet her pre-arranged fiancĂ© Hunter.

Tiffany struggles and fights the pre-arranged plan from the beginning, not only to avoid the planned marriage that is hoped to settle a long standing family feud; but desperately wants to avoid seeing her father she no longer remembers.

She thinks the perfect plan has landed in her lap, when Hunter’s family mistook her for the new housekeeper, Jenny, at the train station. Her plan seemed simple enough, avoid her father and see Hunter and his family for who they really are.

Tiffany or Red, as Hunter dubs her, never expected the growing attraction between Hunter and herself. It’s a slow burn, that slowly and completely consumes her.

Hunter, wants to do right by his family, but falls hard and fast for Tiffany not knowing she is the woman he wanted to avoid.

Without spoiling some of the many secrets, the only downside in my eyes, was how quickly the feud resolved in the end with so many happy endings.

The quote, I couldn’t stop reading comes when both are still fighting their mutual attraction, especially Tiffany/Red/Jenny---
“Sorry, that was just –unexpected,” he said and moved over toward the fireplace, But when he turned to face her again, he actually drew in his breath. And his eyes were on her face, so she didn’t understand until he said, “Your hair lights up like a flame in the firelight. I’m glad I didn’t have to winter to see that.”
“It’s just—just your imagination.”
“Is it?” he asked huskily. “What about your eyes gleaming when you look at me? That’s not my imagination, Jenny.”
“A reflection—“
She was too tongue-tied to go on, with him looking at her like that. Fire was reflected in his eyes, and yet—the fire was behind him.

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