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Blog Tour: Say Yes To The Duke by Kieran Kramer + #Giveaway (US)

Today we're helping kick off the tour for Kieran Kramer's SAY YES TO THE DUKE (August 27th). It's always fun to have her stop by when she has a new book.


Meet Kieran:
Double Rita®-finalist and USA Today bestseller Kieran Kramer writes Regency historical romances and now contemporary romance for St. Martin’s Press. THE EARL IS MINE, the second in her House of Brady series, is her latest release. SAY YES TO THE DUKE premiers in August 2013. SWEET TALK ME, set in present-day South Carolina, comes out in March 2014. A former CIA employee, journalist, and English teacher, Kieran’s also a game show veteran, karaoke enthusiast, and general adventurer. She lives where she grew up--in the Lowcountry of South Carolina--with her Naval Reserve commander husband and their three children.

Connect with Kieran: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Jamie and Kati: Hi Kieran! Welcome back to Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance.

J&K: Share 5 fun facts about yourself
Kieran Kramer:

  1. I don’t like being in tight, enclosed spaces, so at Disney when I go to the Haunted House and we’re all squashed into that pitch black, small octagonal room at the beginning with all the funny, scary portraits, I am literally trembling from claustrophobia!
  2. But I also like riding in the front seat on roller coasters, and as we go up the track, I always shout, “Save me, Oprah!” like Will Farrell does on Talladega Nights when he’s running from a burning car.
  3. I talk to bag boys all the time at the grocery store and ask them their future plans: are they going to college? Will they join the military? By the time they’re done with me, I have them on the path to a great future! My kids get horrible embarrassed and pretend they’re not with me.
  4. Every morning, I eat oatmeal mixed with dark chocolate peanut butter and fresh raspberries, if I can find them. If I can’t, I’ll add a banana, but I’m very sulky when that happens.
  5. My favorite meal of all time is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion—no mayo! I hate mayo!--fries, and chocolate milk.

J&K: What is SAY YES TO THE DUKE about? [no copying blurb :)]
It’s a Regency romance about the middle sister, the one who believes that being a people pleaser is her only option when it comes to likeability. Her older sister is the It Girl, and her younger sister is adorable. So Lady Janice Sherwood sort of gives up and decides that she might as well just go along with what’s expected of her--not make any ripples, you know? She honestly believes that she should say Yes to the Duke because that’s what’s done. Dukes get their way. But she discovers that she’s most attractive to others when she stays true to herself, when she loves herself first. Luke, a groom in the duke’s stables, is instrumental in helping her learn this lesson.

Likewise, Janice helps Luke with his own inner struggle, which is that he doesn’t feel worthy to claim his own greatness. He’ll do anything to help others. But for much of the book, he’s hiding—literally—from acknowledging that he has the power to own his dreams and make them a reality. Janice helps rip those blinders off his eyes. And in between, there’s lots of fun with secondary characters and some spicy sexy scenes!!! ;-)

J&K: What is one thing that readers would be surprised to find out about SAY YES TO THE DUKE?
I LOVE this question! Maybe that the hot guy hero works in the stables. In Regencies, he’s usually an upper-crust gentleman, but this guy, Luke, is a working man. I love that about him! It’s one thing I loved about Captain Stephen Arrow, in CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MARRIAGE. He was a naval officer—not a peer of the realm. I really enjoy writing heroes who come from outside the glamorous realm of Regency London.

J&K: Your book cover is gorgeous. Do you get any say as to what goes on the cover?
Thanks so much! I love that navy blue background and the sexy backside of the hero! She looks really romantic and princess-y, too, which I also love. I get to say no if I hate a cover, but that’s never happened. Now for this cover, St. Martin’s Press put up three poses on Heroes and Heartbreakers and let the readers choose. So this is they cover they chose! I love it! What’s really interesting is that my editor said they were just about to choose another one before this contest and were really excited and interested to see that the readers had a different pose in mind! I’m very glad they went with the readers’ choice.

J&K: If Hollywood optioned your book into a movie, who would play the lead characters?
Easy. Channing Tatum would be Luke, and Emma Stone would be Janice.

J&K: Do you have any writing rituals?
Not really, LOL. I procrastinate a lot by surfing the internet and answering emails. That kind of warms me up, so maybe that IS a ritual. And when I’m really thinking hard, I eat sunflower seeds and stare out the window for a while. Occasionally, I play with Striker, my dog, and Benny and Joon, my cats, to help work the kinks out of my frazzled brain.

J&K: What’s next for readers? Can you give us a sneak peek into your current WIP?
Next is SWEET TALK ME, my first contemporary romance! I’m so excited! I’m taking a hiatus from Regencies to indulge this dream I’ve had to write a contemporary story. This one takes place in the South. Here’s a little bit of it:
A sporty aqua blue coupe with darkened windows slowed to a crawl next to her, and the passenger side window lowered a crack. “Get in, Miss Junior League,” Harrison’s voice rang out loud and clear. “This creek boy’s taking you home.”
True stopped walking.
The truth was, she was nonplussed. Back home they’d say she was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. But True favored words like nonplussed, probably because she was a big reader. It was the one thing she and Weezie had in common. Neither was ever without a book. True had one stuffed up the right leg of her Spanx right now, a dog-eared Agatha Christie paperback that didn’t fit into her pocketbook. That was overflowing with three lipsticks of varying coral shades, a two-inch Velcro hair roller, travel hair spray, a pack of Kleenex, Fruit Stripe gum, her cell phone, a round hair brush, a black Sharpie, her keys (which weighed a ton), a banana, a tube of Advil, a pair of sunglasses, and her ancient Cinderella wallet from Disneyworld, which had a rubber band around it to keep the cards and money from falling out.
“Well?” Harrison revved the engine. “You gonna get in here and tell me what you been up to all these years or stand there stiff as a poker and pretend you can’t see me?”
True pivoted on a heel to face the car. “Scoot over,” she said.
Daddy always said if you couldn’t run with the big dogs, stay under the porch. True wasn’t an under-the-porch sort of gal.

Excerpt from SWEET TALK ME ©2013 by Kieran Kramer. All rights reserved.


Lighting Round:
Alpha or Beta? Alpha
Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower
Debutante or Spinster? Spinster
Virgin widow or Secret baby? Virgin widow
Titled peer or Working man? Working man
Love at first sight or Second chances? Second chances
Naval officer or Swashbuckling pirate? Naval officer (I’m married to one!)
Vampires or Shifters? vampires
Past, Present or Future? present
Writing or Reading? writing
Paperbacks or e-books? paperbacks
Plotter or Pantser? pantser
Author’s choice: Sex inside or sex outdoors?

J&K: Thanks, Kieran, for stopping by!
Thank YOU, Kati and Jamie! I loved being here! I wish you and all your readers an amazing end to your summer with at least a couple more fabulous books to read!! XOXO


Genre: Historical Romance
Series: House of Brady #3
Length: 368 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (August 27, 2013)

Janice Sherwood wants to marry for love, but she’s failed to make a match after two Seasons. Her parents, the Marquess and Marchioness of Brady, arrange to send her to the Duke of Halsey’s country estate as a short-term guest of his grandmother, the dowager, in hopes that she might win the duke’s affections. What they never could have imagined is that Janice would fall for the ruggedly handsome servant Luke, who lives in the stables and carries an air of mystery and temptation.

When Luke Callahan learns that he is the legitimate heir to a dukedom, he will stop at nothing to claim what is his. But first, he must begin a game of disguise to secure his rightful inheritance. Janice isn’t part of his plan. But by engaging her in this dance of deception, might he lose her forever?

Pre-order a copy: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | indiebound | Book Depository | BAM
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Other Books in Series:

Kieran is giving away the following to one(1) lucky reader (US only). Don't forget to follow Kieran's tour HERE for other fun posts and more chances to win.
  • A Harlequin tote bag
  • A Heroes and Heartbreakers tote bag
  • THE EARL IS MINE by Kieran Kramer
  • MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and COMING ON STRONG, (two novels in one) by Tawny Weber
  • DANGEROUS REFUGE by Elizabeth Lowell (hardcover)
  • THE MARRIAGE MERGER by Jennifer Probst
  • IT HAD TO BE YOU by Jill Shalvis
  • LYON'S BRIDE by Cathy Maxwell
  • DON'T CRY FOR ME by Sharon Sala
  • THE LAST VICTIM by Karen Robards
  • WHAT THE DUKE DESIRES by Sabrina Jeffries
  • THE ARRANGEMENT by Mary Balogh

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