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Spotlight/Excerpt: Taken By The Duke by Jess Michaels

Meet Jess:
Jess Michaels began writing full-time in 1999 after being encouraged by her husband to follow her dream. In 2003, she sold her first novella to Red Sage Press, an erotic historical romance about an Egyptian tomb and a very sexy curse. Since then she has published (or has contracted to publish by the end of 2013) 37 novels and novellas under three different pen names with several major publishers, small presses and via self-publishing. Her erotic historical romances have been national bestsellers and won awards from booksellers and readers.

In 2011, she and her husband moved to Tucson, AZ. There she enjoys hiking in the beautiful desert, spending time with her nephews, designing jewelry (which you can buy here), reading and spending time with her awesome husband and cats.

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He chuckled against her lips and then slid a free hand into her hair. Angling her head, he drove his tongue between her lips and stroked hers, coaxing her, tasting her. Hesitantly, she darted it out to meet his and found their tongues dancing against each other. He tasted of mint and tea and something sharp and masculine that made her needy and weak.
He pulled away. “You see, Ava, that is the desire I was talking about earlier. That pull to touch me, that need to taste me, that heavy ache that fills you from head to toe but makes you feel alive…that is desire. And it will only get better the further we go in our association.”
She stared at him, unable to reply, but he seemed to require no answer. Without breaking his stare from hers, he set his cane aside and reached for the buttons along the front of her dress. The same ones she had tried to loosen for him earlier in his office. Now he swept them open with what seemed like no effort at all.
She flushed as her gown parted, revealing inches of flesh, then more than inches. He stared at her bare collarbones, the curve of her breasts that disappeared into the thin fabric of her chemise, and let out a shuddering sigh of his own.
“Very pretty, Ava,” he murmured, then tugged the dress from her arms and down to her waist. “Very pretty indeed.”
She lifted her hands instinctively, covering her nearly naked chest as heat flooded her cheeks.
“You shouldn’t—” she began, but stopped because it was so foolish.
He arched a brow. “This is what we bargained for. Are you reneging?”
“No,” she managed. “But I…I’ve never…”
He nodded. “I realize that.”
He said nothing more, but stroked his hand over her breast. In the office, she had been protected at least a little by the layer of fabric of her gown plus the chemise beneath. Now there was nothing but a thin scrap of silk that kept him from touching her intimately and shockingly.
She felt the roughness of his palms through that scrap, the heat of his thumb as it strummed her. She felt the way her nipple responded by hardening to a tight, aching bud that seemed to betray all she had been taught as a lady.
“God,” she whispered and reached back to find some balance on the edge of the bed.
“Don’t fight that feeling,” he murmured, placing the opposite hand on the strap of her chemise. “Let it happen. Let yourself feel every pleasure. Let yourself ache.”

Excerpt from Taken By The Duke ©2013 by Jess Michaels. All rights reserved.


An eye for an eye, a sin for a sin…

The Pleasure Wars, Book 1

Amid all the lies and scandals that fuel Society’s gossip mill, one truth has stood out: House Rothcastle and House Windbury have always hated each other.

Lady Ava Windbury prays the feud will someday end, to no avail. One dreadful night, her brother accidentally causes the death of Christian Rothcastle’s sister, a tragedy that leaves both men maimed.

Consumed by grief, Christian makes a grim decision. He will kidnap Lady Ava so that her family will feel the pain of loss as keenly as he feels the loss of his own sister. But once he has Ava in his clutches, desire takes unexpected hold. Even more surprising, she willingly surrenders to his every sexual whim—after haggling over the terms of giving up her virginity.

Too late, he realizes she is using her body for peace, not war. But just as their affair of revenges turns into an affair of the heart, the past rears its ugly head to take matters into its own hands…
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So what do you think dear readers? Would you pick up Jess's book? What's your favorite type of historical?
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