Saturday, June 1, 2013

Studio Smexy Saturdays: Interview with Tina Folsom


Meet Tina:
Tina Folsom was born in Germany and has been living in English speaking countries for over 20 years, the last 11 of them in San Francisco, where she’s married to an American.

Tina has always been a bit of a globe trotter: after living in Lausanne, Switzerland, she briefly worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, then lived a year in Munich, before moving to London. There, she became an accountant. But after 8 years she decided to move overseas.

In New York she studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then moved to Los Angeles a year later to pursue studies in screenwriting. This is also where she met her husband, who she followed to San Francisco three months after first meeting him.

In San Francisco, Tina worked as a tax accountant and even opened her own firm, then went into real estate, however, she missed writing. In 2008 she wrote her first romance and never looked back.

She’s always loved vampires and decided that vampire and paranormal romance was her calling. She now has 15 novels in English and several in other languages (Spanish, German, and French) and continues to write, as well as have her existing novels translated.

Connect with Tina: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter

Jamie and Kati: Share something interesting about yourself.
Tina Folsom: I don’t eat cheese unless it’s melted. I make exceptions for Feta cheese and Goat cheese, or really soft Mozzarella cheese. But if a cheese is yellow, it has to be melted. And I never eat moldy cheese, even if it’s melted. What can I say? I’m complicated

J&K: What book(s) feature a Studio Smexy shot cover?
TF: Venice Vampyr #2 - Final Affair
Venice Vampyr #3 - Sinful Treasure
Venice Vampyr #4 - Sensual Danger (coming in the Summer)

J&K: How well does the cover illustrate your vision of the hero/heroine? Of the story?
TF: I think the covers for these three novellas are just perfect. For Venice Vampyr #2 the heroine has a pistol in her hand - and in fact, she tries to kill herself with it in the book. Venice Vampyr #3 has a very naughty heroine, and I think the way her dress sits very low over her shoulders reflects that fact. The hero of Venice Vampyr #4 is kind of rough, and I think the cover really brings out that danger element I have in this story.

J&K: What elements do you like to see on a book cover? (hero, heroine, landscape...)
TF: I always want to see the couple - it’s after all romance, and the cover has to reflect that. I also like to show a little bit of the setting, so in this case, we see some of Venice’s sights to get a feel for the location.

J&K: What drew you to choosing a photo shot by Jenn?
TF: I think that Jenn’s costumes are really fabulous, and she has a flair for the right postures that work for a romance novel. When it comes to historical covers, Jenn has some of the best photos out there.

J&K: Describe your cover in one word (smexy or sexy doesn’t count)
TF: Sensual

J&K: What can readers expect from you next?
TF: Once Venice Vampyr #4 - Sensual Danger is published in early Summer, I’ll be working on the next Scanguards Vampires book (#8). It will follow Thomas, the gay vampire everybody has come to love. It’ll be my first M/M romance. I can’t wait to find out how it will be received.


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