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Blog Tour: Interview with Ophelia London + Giveaway (International)

Ophelia London is currently on tour for the release of ABBY ROAD, her first print novel with Entangled.


Meet Ophelia:
Hey there. Nice to see you. You might know me as Ophelia London—the chick writer who signed with Entangled Publishing. Born and raised in California, my car broke down on my way to Florida, and I've lived in Dallas ever since.

During daytime hours, I am a marketing department's “Head Babysitter.” But when the sun goes down, the laptop comes out.

My dreamy debut print novel, ABBY ROAD, hit real-life shelves in March 2013.

PLAYING AT LOVE, the first book in my Perfect Kisses series, was launched into the ebook universe in 2012. Its spin off, SPEAKING OF LOVE landed the following year. Both are part of Entangled Publishing's Bliss imprint.

Until I find true love, the perfect cupcake and/or become a famous pop star, I’ll keep writing about it.

I love great books, sweet treats, complicated sweaters, live music, looking at Adam Levine, and all things Hitchcock. I can dwell for hours over changing a comma to a semi-colon. Pretty shoes make me happy, as do pretty cupcakes and chocolate in general. I loathe writing query letters. It sometimes takes me a week to read a 250-page novel because I’ll read a sentence, smile, think about it, love it, then reread the entire page to relive the full effect. I dream about being at the beach practically every day but love being cozy at home most of all. I don’t deny that I’m not cool enough for Coldplay but a bit too cool for Mandy Moore—both are all over my iPod. I’ve attended 20+ shows at London’s West End, and I saw (in the theater, first run) "Star Wars, the Phantom Menace" 16 times. Most days you can find me wishing I was wearing a fabulous hat or singing karaoke in my car. I find Ryan Seacrest both fascinating and repulsive. I firmly believe that my conflicting personality makes me charming; as does my sarcasm.

Connect with Ophelia: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Jamie and Kati: Hi Ophelia! Welcome to Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance.
Ophelia London: Hi! Thanks for having me on your blog. This is very exciting!

J&K: Share 5 fun facts about yourself.
OL: Shew! Thanks for starting out with an easy question!
  1. I love to go running. This might not seem “fun,” but I really enjoy it. I always have an iPod strapped to me, so music helps the fun factor.
  2. I have some kind of van Gogh print in every room in my house.
  3. I love the ocean but have a highly irrational fear of sea life. I always have to psyche myself up before I go swimming.
  4. I love to sing in my car. I don’t care who’s watching.
  5. I am a firm believer that Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have perfected the cake, so why knock myself out baking from scratch? Plus, I’m a very lazy gourmet.
J&K: Share a little bit about ABBY ROAD:
OL: ABBY ROAD is about a famous singer (Abby) who runs away to the beach for a summer vacation. There, she meets a hunky surf shop owner (Todd). Shenanigan ensue.

J&K: What is it that makes your hero and heroine perfect for each other?
OL: I think it’s their amount of life experience that ultimately cements them together. Abby has lived in the spotlight for five years and toured the globe in a band. Todd grew up as an Army brat, served in the Marines and went to college. He’s traveled the world in his own right.

J&K: If your book were optioned by Hollywood, who would you cast in the lead?
OL: Interesting question. Only because I’ve had two people as my celebrity Abby and Todd for years. Abby is Mandy Moore. Easy enough, right? But I found Todd kind of accidentally a few years ago. He’s a Brazilian model and I haven’t been able to find him again. Boo!
If someone put a gun to my head, I suppose Henry Cavill would do. Hubba-hubba
J&K: Which two authors would you write an anthology with and what would it be about?
OL: I would love to team up with Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella. I wouldn’t care what we wrote about; I just want to be in the same room with those two talented, hysterical women. I suspect there would be too much giggling going on and not much writing. And I’d be okay with that!

J&K: Do you have any writing rituals?
OL: I wouldn’t really call them rituals. I work best when the rest of my life is in decent order. I like to know there aren’t twenty dishes piled in the sink and that my duvet isn’t still on the floor from where I’d kicked it last night.

J&K: What are you writing at the moment? Can you give us a sneak peek into your current WIP?
OL: Sure! I’ve got two projects going right now. The first is book 3 in my Perfect Kisses series through Entangled Bliss. I’ve really fallen in love with these characters. I never knew writing a series could be so fun! I’m also working on a New Adult story. I wrote it a few years ago and am thrilled to be able to play with it again. It’s very near and dear to my heart…and the hero is waaaaaaay smexy!

Lightning Round:
Alpha or Beta? beta
Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? belle
Debutante or Spinster? Oomph. Pass!
Virgin widow or Secret baby? Secret baby
Titled peer or Working man? Titled peer
Love at first sight or Second chances? Second chances
Naval officer or Swashbuckling pirate? Naval officer
Vampires or Shifters? Vampire: yesterday, today, forever!
Western Historicals or Western Contemporaries? contemporaries
Writing or Reading? Writing!!!!!
Paperbacks or e-books? Paperbacks (but I’m learning to love my Kindle!)
Plotter or Pantser? Punster, unfortunately
Author’s choice: Who would play you in the story of your life? For me, it would be Elaine Benis from Seinfeld. I totally get that chick!

J&K: Thanks for visiting us Ophelia!
OL: Thank you for having me. It was a blast!


Touted by the tabloids as the biggest rock star of our generation, Abigail Kelly is used to being in the spotlight. But beyond the glam of Hollywood, her world is falling apart. Still reeling from the death of her brother and wilting under the iron fist of Max, her manager, Abby banishes herself to the secluded beaches of Florida for the summer, thinking some anonymity and sunshine are just what she needs. What she finds, instead, is Todd, an ex-marine eager to embrace life after war. Together, Abby and Todd find the balance Abby’s life has been missing.

That is, until Max resurfaces, demanding Abby return to Los Angeles to record her band’s newest album. As the pressures of public appearances, paparazzi, and late-night recordings start to mount, Abby will have to risk everything or lose the life she always dreamed of.
Get Your Own Copy: Amazon | Kindle | B&N | Nook

There is a tour-wide giveaway for an iPod shuffle, a print copy of Abby Road, an e-book of Abby Road, and four themed swag packs – the themes could be beachy or Beatle themed – there’s a mixture of them! Everything is international except for the print copy of Abby Road.
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Thanks to Ophelia and Entangled!

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