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Blog Tour: Interview with Marcie Kremer + #Giveaway (ebook)

Marcie Kremer is currently on tour for the release of her debut with Entangled Publishing, TORCH IN THE FOREST.


Meet Marcie:
Growing up in Europe and seeing castles on a daily basis made me sure I wanted to live back in the Middle Ages. Since that wasn’t likely to happen, being a child of the 20th century, the next best thing I could try to do was to write about this enthralling period in history. Having studied medieval history in college, I loved doing the research about how people really lived and spoke and dreamed and loved, and so TORCH IN THE FOREST came to be, thanks to my dear husband, who encouraged me to write about Eleanor and Hugh.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, or traveling. I love hearing from readers and am happy to do book club conference calls!

Connect with Marcie: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter

Jamie and Kati: Hi Marcie! Welcome to Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance.
Marcie Kremer:
Hi, back to you two! Thanks for inviting me! *curtseys*

J&K: Share 5 fun facts about yourself.

  1. A college friend married to an NFL player wanted to fix me up on a blind date with a hunky – and smart -- NFL player – and I turned it down to go out with my (future!) husband on our second date, and the rest is history.
  2. Learning languages is so much fun and I am working on Hungarian and Norwegian right now, because why shouldn't we know how to say "I love you" in many different ways? In Norsk, it's "Jeg elskar deg"! (Yai elskar dai)
  3. There is a Bialetti Moka Express permanently on my cooktop, and making Illy espresso for my DH in the late afternoon is very special.
  4. I spent my childhood in Spain and Italy, driving by castles, which obviously influenced my writing of TORCH IN THE FOREST, because I so wanted to live in them, but my main characters Eleanor and Hugh get to do that, instead.
  5. My DH read TORCH IN THE FOREST and said, "You really *are* medieval!"

J&K: Share a little bit about TORCH IN THE FOREST [no copying blurb :)]
My dear husband convinced me I should write it, because he knew I love medieval history and romance. Eleanor and Hugh are strong characters who have vested interests in being right, and it was fun to watch how they battled their powerful attraction to each other. I hated to say goodbye to Lord Hugh when I was done! Oh. Wait. I think I might be married to someone very much like him.

J&K: What is it that makes your hero and heroine perfect for each other?
They complement each other; they both value trust and integrity and loyalty and are strong-minded. They try to rein in their passions, but, it doesn't exactly work!

J&K: What is a typical “day” in your writing life?
I'm up early and writing by 6:30 or 7:00 AM with a lot of coffee. After a bit, and very reluctantly, I tend to mundane household tasks, since I don't have the numerous servants that Lady Eleanor has. Then, once those are done, I get back to writing, looping back to what I'd written earlier and, upon reading those words again, ask myself, "What was I thinking?"

J&K: If your book had a theme song, what would it be?
The theme song would be "Che Gelida Manina," ("What a Cold, Little Hand"), one of my favorite arias from the opera La Boheme, where Rodolfo is so struck by Mimi, and she by him, but they are trying to pretend it's not happening, just as Eleanor and Hugh try to pretend it's not happening for them, either. Ha!

J&K: Do you have any writing rituals? (blasting music, eating cookies, drinking wine...)
A good writing ritual is drinking coffee, but, drinking wine works well, especially later in the day…it's five o'clock somewhere….

J&K: What are you writing at the moment? Can you give us a sneak peek into your current WIP?
I'm working on a young adult contemporary novel that involves female high school soccer players and older men….and I can't say any more!

Lightning Round:

Alpha or Beta?
Alpha, and I'm married to a definite Alpha, so it's been a fun ride!

Wallflower or Belle of the Ball?
Definitely wallflower…I let my characters be the "belle," if that's what they want, but it's so not me! I'd rather watch what's happening and write it down!

Debutante or Spinster?
Debutante – I know way too much about silverware placement, thanks to my upbringing!

Virgin widow or Secret baby?
Well, Eleanor is definitely the virgin widow, so that's the answer!

Titled peer or Working man?
For sure the titled peer; I'm a medieval history nut and the peers had all the fun.

Love at first sight or Second chances?
Love at first sight, just as with my DH! Engaged in five weeks and married in less than three months. Whew! Many years later, here we are! Did someone say, "Romance"?

Naval officer or Swashbuckling pirate?
The uniforms are so awesome; how can you resist them?

Vampires or Shifters?
Sadly, I'm too grounded in mundane reality to go there too often, but I really enjoyed TWILIGHT!

Western Historicals or Western Contemporaries?
I love reading those genres and I am a country-western fan, big time. As Baxter Black, the cowboy poet wrote, "Cowboys ain't disappearin' – you just cain't see them from the road." The cowboy is quintessential America!

Writing or Reading?
Actually, both! I love to lose myself in great books, and I love to watch what my characters are doing when I write!

Paperbacks or e-books?
Either! Just read!

Plotter or Pantser?
First a plotter and then a pantser, because first, I have to plan what may happen, and then I have to watch what my characters are doing and write it down, just as William Faulkner once said. It's always a surprise how it happens!

Author’s choice.
Which quality really make you empathize with and want to read more about a character – compassion, strength, courage, intelligence, vulnerability, or ?

J&K: Thanks for visiting us Marcie!
Jamie and Kati, thank you so much for inviting me! This is going to be fun!


Eighteen-year-old widow Eleanor of Strathcombe is stunned to realize she has a powerful attraction to Hugh of Wykeham, the arrogant, neighboring lord returned from the Crusade, who not only asks for the hand of her younger sister in marriage – but feuds with her over the control of their forest boundaries, because poachers are running rampant.

As she struggles to keep control of her forests and find the poachers, unsettling feelings confront her when she deals with Hugh, feelings she never felt in her brief, loveless marriage -- feelings she tries to fight, because she knows Hugh to be a cold, harsh man who may have murdered his faithless wife in revenge -- and who trusts no woman. When she finds herself in the midst of a net of intrigue and lies, how can she find the conspirators, save herself and her sister, and battle her feelings for Hugh?
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Marcie's publisher is giving away an e-copy of TORCH IN THE FOREST to one(1) random commenter. Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment answering Marcie's question: Which quality really make you empathize with and want to read more about a character – compassion, strength, courage, intelligence, vulnerability, or ?
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  • Follow her tour for more chances to win.

Thanks to Marcie and her publisher!
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