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Studio Smexy Saturdays: Jennifer Zane + Giveaway (ebook)

Today on Studio Smexy Saturdays, we have Jennifer Zane, author of Gnome on the Range sharing her new revamped, smexified covers with us. You can find Jennifer on her website, Facebook or Twitter for up to date news on her latest releases.


Jamie and Kati: Tell us 5 fun facts about yourself.
Jennifer Zane:
1. I did live in Montana and some of the crazy happenings in the stories are true stories. Like the arm stuck in the patio umbrella stand.
2. I'm a third degree black belt in karate
3. I don't like eggs or orange juice so I dread being invited somewhere for brunch.
4. I graduated college when I was 20.
5. I'm a graphic designer so I make my own book covers (as well as covers for RomCon's Pre-Made Book Store)

J&K: What book(s) feature a Studio Smexy shot cover?
JZ: All three books in my Gnome Novel Series- Gnome On The Range, Gnomeless and Gnome For The Holidays

J&K: How well does the cover illustrate your vision of the hero/heroine? Of the story?
JZ: Since all three have very, very appealing male chests, I envision all three heroes being so genetically blessed and hopefully you see that as you read the stories. If you decide to look behind the male chests on the covers, you will see Montana landscape photos that I took while I lived there. Hopefully you get a contemporary, sexy,rugged, rural feel at a quick glance.

J&K: What elements do you like to see on a book cover? (hero, heroine, landscape...)
JZ: I think it's important to get the 'feel' of your book across. You don't have to include major plot elements on the cover, but the reader will take only a few seconds to be pulled in by a cover and decide if they want to read the blurb. If you can portray the tone with image alone, you've done good. For example, a murder mystery might have a 'creepy' feel, a paranormal a 'spooky' feel, a space book an 'out of this world' feel without giving away the plot.

J&K: What drew you to choosing a photo shot by Jenn?
JZ: Jenn has a great variety of sexy, romantic stock images. The ability to merge her models with other imagery is a great plus because it makes them versatile, which is crucial to book cover design.

J&K: Describe your cover in one word (smexy or sexy doesn’t count)
JZ: Vivid.

J&K: What can readers expect from you next?
JZ: Book 4, titled Gnome, Alaska, coming in June 2013. And of course there will be a hot man chest by Jenn on there!

Once you get the zing you can’t go back.

Jane West has everything a woman could want. A job in a small Montana town’s only adult store, two busy young boys and one dead husband. Everything except a little excitement--a little zing. But that changes one summer morning at a garage sale when her kids buy some garden gnomes.

Now someone wants those gnomes and will let nothing get in their way. Including Jane. This new excitement for Jane spells trouble for a relationship with new neighbor--and hot fireman--Ty Strickland. Can Jane and Ty handle a relationship meddling mother-in-law, crazy kids, and stay alive while trying to solve the mystery of the garden gnomes?


“When I got home from work tonight,” Ty pointed to the box, “this was on my doorstep.”

“Order something lately?”

“Not quite. Inside’s a super sized box of condoms, ribbed variety.” He used his fingers to help him count off the items. “One of those fingertip vibrators, some lube, a pair of pouchless briefs and some anal beads. Are the beads meant for you or for me?”

“Holy crap.” I was so mortified I might throw up. I put my beer on the counter with a loud thud and held onto the surface for support. I tilted my head and looked up at Ty. He seemed relaxed and unruffled, once more enjoying my embarrassment. Saying the words ‘pouchless briefs’ didn’t seem to bother him at all. In fact, he was smiling.

I pulled the box toward me and pried back a cardboard flap with a finger. Yup, there was the great big box of condoms. Then I realized he thought I was the culprit.

“You think I did this?” I sputtered. “I usually take a plate of brownies to new neighbors.”

“Maybe you’re the aggressive type. Likes to show a man what she wants. Or certain parts of her,” he replied, smiling. His eyes moved blatantly to my breasts. “I like that in a woman.”

It was so absurd, I laughed.

“Me? You think I’d pick out pouchless briefs for a guy?” If he only knew. I was so un-aggressive. I wanted desperately to kiss him, but I couldn’t even do that. My nerves would make me start to giggle. I was such a mess! If I couldn’t even make the first move, how could I push pornographic underwear on him? Or anal beads!

“Just because I work in a sex store doesn’t mean I go for,” I held up the black mesh pseudo-briefs with one finger, “this!” I slingshot them across the room. They landed on top of the toaster oven. I shivered. “I’m not getting a good mental image right now.” Ty or any man, no matter how hot they were, would look ridiculous in a pair of underwear that left his bits and pieces hanging out. It was like the crotchless panty for men. And in black mesh. Gross!

“I’m more a boxers kind of girl.” I darted a quick glance at Ty’s lower region.

He noticed and waggled his eyebrows. “Wanna see if I’m a boxers kind of guy?”

Excerpt from Gnome on the Range ©2011 by Jennifer Zane. All rights reserved.

Veronica Miller is a plumber on a mission--buy out her dad and the family business is finally hers. One big, handsome problem stands in her way. And it's not a clogged toilet.

Jack Reid is the boy she mooned over in high school. He's back in town, but he's no longer a boy. Ten years ago he broke her heart, skipped town and never came back. Now he's a big shot lawyer in Florida whose uncle feigned a health crisis to trick Jack into coming back into town. Upon arrival Jack finds his uncle is gone, he's homeless, and forced to be roommates with the one woman he could never resist.

Jack discovers his lust hasn't cooled for the sexy Veronica, but neither has her heart forgiven him. A sex-toy educational party, romance novel writing gone awry, Goldie's meddling, an escape artist snake, a strange stalker in a fluffy pink coat, a house fire, plumbing gone awry, bitter cold, and a smart-faced garden gnome all conspire to force Jack and Veronica to work through a decade of baggage, disappointment, and unrequited lust while figuring out the mystery behind the stalker. Hilarity ensues on every page of this sequel to Gnome On The Range.


Emma Hardy hasn't been able to forget Sam Carter, or his incredible kiss in the elevator. Sadly, he rocked her world (and her libido), then calmly walked away, quit his job, and disappeared for two months. Not exactly the hot kiss follow-up she'd been hoping for. But Sam was busy making plans. And now, thanks to a glued-together gnome name George, a set of handcuffs, mistletoe, and a meddling adult store cupid disguised as an eccentric but innocent grandmother, Emma's about to get the greatest Christmas gift of all...true love.

Jennifer is giving away an mobi or PDF copy of Gnome on the Rangle, Gnomeless or Gnome for the Holidays to one(1) randomly drawn commentor. 

Leave a comment along with your email address ninja style: yourname AT yourhost DOT com.

Thanks to Jennifer for stopping by!
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