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Guest Posts with Robyn DeHart and Catherine Hemmerling + Giveaway

Meet Robyn:
A life-long lover of stories and adventure, it was either become a stuntwoman for the movies or live out those adventures from the safety of her PJ's and computer. Award-winning author, Robyn DeHart chose the latter and couldn't be happier for doing so. Known for her unique plotlines and authentic characters, Robyn is a favorite among readers and reviewers. Publishers' Weekly claims her books as "sizzling romance" while the Chicago Tribune dubs her "wonderfully entertaining." Robyn is an award-winning author as well as being a four-time RT Bookclub Reviewers' Choice award nominee, and a three-time RomCon Reader's Crown nominee. Look for Robyn's new trilogy on forbidden love coming from Entangled: A Little Bit Wicked (fall 2012), A Little Bit Sinful (spring 2013) and A Little Bit Scandalous (summer 2013). Also in 2013, she'll launch a new historical romantic suspense series with NAL, the first in the series is The Secrets of Mia Danvers (2013). Robyn lives in Texas with her brainy husband, two precocious little girls and two spoiled cats.

Connect with Robyn: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Robyn’s Top 10 Favorite Heroes
(not necessarily in order)

Cam from Mine ’Til Midnight (Lisa Kleypas) – I might need a fan simply to talk about this fella, he’s a gypsy and oh-my-stars he is hot, hot, hot. The ultimate persuer, he goes after his lady hard and relentlessly and he simply left me breathless.

Malone from Catch of the Day (Kristan Higgins) – Now I’ve watched Deadliest Catch (which I realize is crabs and not lobsters) but it’s kinda the same…go with me here. So Malone is a lobsterman and well, I’m guessing the sexiest thing in a pair of waders. I was right there with Maggie falling in love despite the fact that the man hardly talks. He gives a whole new meaning to strong & silent type. I could totally talk about this guy all day long, he just gave me the shivers – the good kind.

Malcolm from Once a Warrior (Karyn Monk) – it’s been many, many years since I’ve read this book, but I remember Malcolm. He was wounded, literally and dark and brooding and strong and totally sigh-worthy. Of course it could have been the cover model – I was half way in love before I even started reading the book.

Michael from London’s Perfect Scoundrel (Suzanne Enoch) – now as you’ll be able to tell from this list, the lovely Ms. Enoch totally has my number when it comes to creating heroes. They just make me feel all kinds of gooey. Michael was intense and romantic and

Peeta from the Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins) – I mean come on, I know there are people out there that are Team Gale, but seriously who doesn’t love the boy with the bread. I won’t give any spoilers here which I’d need to fully explain why I love him so much – but those of you who’ve read Mockingjay should know what I mean. Ah, Peeta….

Roark from the In Death series (JD Robb) – I know I’m not alone here. I mean the man doesn’t even have a last name, but he’s just so, so ridiculously sexy and intense (and Irish!) and he’s so gentle with her when she needs it and pushes when she needs it. He’s the ultimate hero and the perfect husband for Eve Dallas.

Robert from England’s Perfect Hero (Suzanne Enoch) – yeah so we’re back to Enoch…listen I can’t explain how much I loved Robert. I hurt for him and loved him instantly. He’s a little darker than some of her other heroes, a little more wounded, but he makes the romance in this book so richly satisfying.

Bennett from The Care and Taming of a Rogue (Suzanne Enoch) – okay, I promise this is the last one of hers (but oh I love her books) Bennett was a rascal, just naughty in all the right ways. I loved how much he went after his heroine. Despite the fact that he has a pet monkey (I’ll admit it, I’m scared of monkeys) he made my heart go pitter-pat!

Jay from The Body Finder (Kimberly Derting) – oh to be 16 and in love. Alright I don’t actually want to be 16 again, but Jay kinda made me want to. And I admit it, I’m a total sucker for the best-friend love story hook. I devoured this book as much for the great concept, cool mystery and relatable heroine, but Jay made me feel giddy and gooey.

Carter from The Farm (Emily McKay) – Okay I admit I’m a little biased here because Emily is my critique partner & BFF, but Carter, oh-yummy-Carter…he’s so fierce and protective (which frankly isn’t so easy considering Lily doesn’t much want his protection) and he’s hot, super hot with these broad shoulders and….let’s just pretend that he’s not way too young for me.

Meet Catherine:
Catherine Hemmerling has been a technical writer in the software industry for nearly twenty years and has published many user manuals and technical documentation in that time. She has always had a love of writing fiction but has never pursued publication in that genre until now.

Hopefully it is the beginning of a long new journey with Lady Lancaster and the Garden Society girls. Certainly historical romance (especially the scandalous kind) is more fun than writing technical documents!

This author happily resides in Tehachapi, California (near Bakersfield - home of her Alma-mater!) with her family.

Catherine writes for Entangled Publishing's Scandalous historical line and is thrilled to be part of their family of writers!

Connect with Catherine: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter

Catherine's Top 10 Movies:
  1. Working Girl
  2. Jane Eyre
  3. Dirty Dancing
  4. The Breakfast Club
  5. The Princess Bride
  6. Shawshank Redemption
  7. Love Actually
  8. Regarding Henry
  9. Renaissance Man
  10. Rudy

A winner will be chosen at the end of the week to win books from Robyn and books from Catherine. All you have to do is leave a comment along with your email address so Robyn and Catherine can reach you if you win.

What Robyn is giving away
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