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#StudioSmexy Superstar of Romance Author Katie Porter

A note from Jenn: I don't have a LOT of M/M covers, yet, but the ones I do have make me giddy. I love that they're actual guys, touching. Weird? Those composite covers drive me kinda nutty. I know the reasoning behind it, but isn't it COOL when they're an actual TOUCHING couple? I think so. I need to shoot some more M/M. It's fun. This cover is awesome, and makes me smile, particularly the ladies behind Katie Porter. :)

Jenn: Tell us 5 fun facts about Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

Lorelie: CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is the first m/m romance to be an RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick, the first to be chosen for RT’s Seal of Excellence, and the first to be nominated for a Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Book of the Year and Best Erotic Ebook. We are beyond honored and thrilled.

Carrie: I suggested risqué the title as a joke. Our editor loved it, and we were off to the races.

Carrie: In 2009, my family and I saw a panto of Aladdin at the theater in Woking we described, and we rode on the carousel by the Eye. In person research!

Carrie: Although my husband is from England and I’ve visited the locations in London and Surrey we described, I nearly made a mistake that would’ve been hideously embarrassing. We caught it at the very last second. And I’m not telling what it was!

Lorelie: I kept thinking I ought to be listening to Christmas carols when writing this book, but it was April and I just couldn’t seem to make myself. So this Christmas special was written to Nirvana’s Unplugged album. Happy holidays!

Jenn: Did you know of Studio Smexy before it ended up on your cover?

Carrie: No! It was such a surprise. We loved the tenderness of the male couple on the cover of CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR. It was our early Christmas present.

Lorelie: We’ve since heard plenty, however--especially when an author we know squeed all over about how wonderful Studio Smexy saved their cover drama. ;)

Jenn: How well does the cover illustrate your vision of the hero/heroine? Of the story?
Carrie: Perfectly! They’re both strong men, holding one another in a way that illustrates their sexual dynamic, their passion, and their lingering hesitancy. They’ve hurt one another in the past, and this romance tells the story of their second chance at love. On the cover, their embrace is...a prelude. They’re just now starting over.

Jenn: If you could pick one favorite element from your cover, what would it be? (chest, landscape, dress...)
Lorelie: I love that both heroes are looking at each other in that smoldering way!

Jenn: Describe your cover in one word (smexy or sexy doesn’t count):
Lorelie: Rich.

Jenn: Describe yourself in one word:
Carrie: Rockstar!
Lorelie: Firework!

Jenn: What can readers expect from you next?
Carrie: We just released the first of our “Club Devant” series, LEAD AND FOLLOW, which is set in a glitzy, upscale burlesque club in New York City. Each of these contemporary erotic romances features at least one hero or heroine who’s a dancer. The second, CHAINS AND CANES, will be out July 8.

Lorelie: But what we’re most excited about right now is HARD WAY, the fourth in our “Vegas Top Guns” series of military erotic romances set in Sin City. It’ll be released on April 9. Can’t wait!

Kindle | Nook | Samhain
Born to old Virginia money, film producer Kyle Wakefield’s conservative upbringing kept him in the closet. Only once did he venture outside: for a tempestuous teenage affair with Nathan Carnes. When Nathan’s self-destructive streak landed him in prison, Kyle slammed the door on youthful hopes. Despite Hollywood successes, he still hides his true self.
He thought he’d moved on, until his production company hires Nathan and his Second Chances stunt crew to work on the London set of a big-budget action flick. Watching Nathan risk life and limb with fellow ex-cons looking for a fresh start makes it tough for Kyle to keep his desires hidden.

Thirteen years have passed since Nathan’s teenage self-doubt led him to sabotage any chance of a future with Kyle. He’s come a long way since then, but despite their explosive sexual chemistry, Kyle treats their attraction like a deep dark secret.
Their matched Hollywood ambitions and a pain-in-the-ass director make cooperation essential. As the London holiday season casts its spell, the two men find themselves on the verge of falling in love again—even as old secrets and pain keep them shackled. The only hope of unlocking their hearts is a Christmas miracle.

Warning: This book features a snowy London Christmas, sex on a pool table, a hot-and-dirty gay nightclub, and naughty references to candy canes.

Katie Porter is the co-writing team of Lorelie Brown and Carrie Lofty, friends and critique partners of six years.

Both are multi-published in several romance genres. Carrie has an MA in history, while Lorelie is a US Army veteran. Generally a high-strung masochist, Carrie loves weight training and has no fear of gross things like dissecting formaldehyde sharks. Her two girls are not appreciative. Lorelie, a laid-back sadist, would rather grin maniacally when Carrie works out. Her three boys love how she screams like a little girl around spiders.

To learn more about the authors who make up Katie, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @carrielofty, @LorelieBrown, and @MsKatiePorter.

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