Thursday, January 17, 2013

XOXO, Romance Girl

Hullo lovelies! This has been quite the busy week for this Romance Girl but more on that soon. Today I have some fabulous linkies for you that you don't want to miss out on plus new releases, giveaways and my one must read book for the week. And I can't forget the Studio Smexy photo of the week. There's new stock so it was hard choosing just one but I did it!

I hope y'all are ready for all this linky goodness...

A marriage of convenience between two unlikely souls... Star quarterback meet struggling artist, add a marriage of convenience and smoking hawt chemistry. Have you picked up Karen Erickson's latest release with Entangled Publishing (Brazen Imprint)?

Goodreads Giveaway Goodies...

Netgalley Naughtiness... Get some super sexy books from Netgalley.

Fresh and Fun Giveaways from Fresh Fiction...
I lurve Fresh Fiction's contests featuring lots of books and goodies from favorite authors and new to me authors. Each month there's a new giveaway sponsored by a participating author and sometimes there's daily giveaways. Have YOU discovered Fresh Fiction?
Click on logo for contests

More author contests... Get thee to Writerspace and discover more giveaways from your favorite authors.

Everyone loves a freebie... I'm the freaking queen of the instant gratification button for Kindle aka Buy Now with 1-Click button when it comes to freebie reads. Good or bad, it's like a sickness. I download it. I know you do too.

Full novels, $0.99... Get more bang for your buck. Ha! That sounded a little bit inappropriate. I'll wait until you process that thought.

Start your Teresa Medeiros e-book library... with these fabulous reads at $1.99. All of Teresa's back list from Avon is currently at that price. Wow!

Get a Little Harmless... The latest in Melissa Schroeder's A Little Harmless series, A LITTLE HARMLESS FANTASY is not available for purchase.

The early bird [tour] gets to hang with Cathy Maxwell... Anyone going to RT in Kansas City, MO? I'll see you there. If you want to do a historic tour of KC with the ultra funny and fabulous Cathy Maxwell (The Scottish Witch) and Kathryn Falk, Lady Barrow, here's your chance. Get there a little early for a whirlwind of fun.
Click on picture for more info

Favorites of 2012, let your opinions be heard... Head over to All About Romance Novels and vote on your favorite book related categories (best book, heroine, hero, setting, guilty pleasures)

Menage-a-Studio Smexy... Anyone need a historical menage to put on their next book cover? I am in love with this picture. So, so, so much.

That's it from me today. Don't forget to check back next week for more linky fun.

Until next time,

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