Saturday, January 19, 2013

Studio Smexy Saturdays: First Shoot of the Year + Giveaway (US/CA)

Welcome to the first shoot of the year!!!


On the docket: a little historical, a little M/F/M and F/M/F and a bit of contemporary...

We had a guest author in the studio for the first shoot. The amazing, awesome, Pamela Clare. Those of you who follow #StudioSmexy know that Pam is a close friend of mine, those who are new to the smexy should check out the Defiant trailer, and the shoot. Go ahead... we'll wait till you get back.

OK is everyone caught up?

So Pamela has a few backlist titles, and one of them is being re-released by Penguin on February 5th (MY BIRTHDAY FYI) it's called Ride The Fire, and quite honestly is the book of Pam's heart. It's simply incredible, and I think everyone should read it. Anywhooo the two other books in the Kenleigh / Blakewell series are self published and we decided to rebrand them to match the amazing Ride the Fire cover. So we went full on Fabio shoot with a fan, shackles and lots of man chest and swoonage.

Pamela, as our guest, got to shackle the man. I mean it's only fair since she shackled the character, right? RIGHT? And New Andrew seemed to enjoy the shackling.

New Andrew was fun. He's adorable and funny and quite flexible... more on that later.

So Pamela shackled the man, Cora handled the fan, I was hopping around on one leg... and we were off!!! Honestly, I LOVED the images. LOVE. Every shoot starts with an idea, and the one in my head was the hands on the chest, with the shackles on the wrists. There's just something about a bound man.

We got the shackles, released Andrew... awwww.... and moved on to some menage. Wheee!!!

Then we brought the fan back out and shot the new cover for Carnal Gift. Nailed it.

So what do you think? You guys are the experts... do you like new Andrew? What about Dallas? She's a cutie. And we all know Brittany. And Taylor is new too... more on him later. :)

Welcome to #StudioSmexy 2013!!!



So we're giving away some Studio Smexy swag that Kati has hoarded. You know the drill:
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