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Jamie and Kati's Best of 2012

2012 has been quite a year for us. We mashed our blogs together in February and haven't looked back since then. We hosted fabulous authors, celebrated our first blogoversary, co-hosted some events with Dani of Ramblings from This Chick as well as Aislynn from Stitch-Read-Cook, introduced you to Studio Smexy Saturdays and of course, read some noteworthy books thanks to recommendations from friends, Netgalley, authors and publishers. We also went back to RomCon and finally got to go inside Studio Smexy. Plus, Delilah Marvelle let us exclusively reveal the covers for the rest of her School of Gallantry books. We introduced two features: XOXO, Romance Girl (which will make a comeback) and Jamie's Juicy Tidbits. And, we recently celebrated the second year of our December Joyathon. Oh, can't forget the formation of Rock*it Reads. The ladies stopped by and shared a little bit about themselves, their books and the mission of Rock*it Reads. Last but not least, we hosted a bunch of blog tours.

Wow! We definitely had quite the year. And the books! Oh, the books. After much thought, we finally decided on our Top 10 Books of 2012. It was hard and we had a few honorable mentions and if you check out our Review page, you'll find more 4 and 5 heart rated reads :)

I’m not overly fond of list like my partner and crime is.

Trying to come up with a list of my Top 10 books of 2012 is hard! I’ve read some pretty awesome books this year so narrowing it down is tough. But here it is. Some made laugh, some made me cry and some surprised me. These are the books that made my year.

1. Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz
Though if I have to pick a favorite I’m going to say The Angel. (Review) Though all are phenomenal.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

2. Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis
2012 gave us the next three books in the series and again, if I have to pick a favorite I’d say At Last was it. (Review)
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

3. Lover Reborn by JR Ward
I’ve been waiting for this book for years! I love Tohr and I’m so happy that it didn’t disappoint. Now I’ll be waiting for the next BDB.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

4. The Runaway Countess by Leigh LeValle
My favorite historical this year. Yeah I said it. Took me completely by surprised and I loved the story. I never wanted it to end. (Review)
(K | N | ARe|  iB)

4.5. The Misbehaving Marquess by Leigh LaValle
I loved Cat in The Runaway Countess. I read this in one sitting on Dec. 31. It was a prefect way to end 2012.
(K | N | iB)

5. On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
Found this one through my twitter peeps and I’m so glad. Joss is broken and Braden is sexy. And possessive. Did I say sexy?
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

6. Melt Into You by Roni Loren
When I read Crash Into You I fell in love with Jace and when I read Melt I feel even more in love with Jace. And Andre.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

7. About That Night by Julie James
Julie James never disappoints and how could we not love the Twitter Terrorist, Kyle Rhodes. Plus he looks like Sawyer from lost.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

8. Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley
This book is on my list for one reason: Tack. He is crude, he’s a jerk and while I normally hate that I loved this from Tack. Plus despite he’s crudeness he’s got a sensitive side.
(K | N | iB)

9. Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle
This was one of the books that surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to love it but I couldn’t put it down. And Damien, oh he can call me kitten anytime he wants. (Review)
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

10. As You Wish by Elyssa Patrick
Cute, funny and sexy. Aubry, the sexy rock star, made me swoon and Portia made me laugh. I just really enjoyed reading it and that’s why it’s on my list.
(K | N | ARe )

Honorable Mentions because I just can’t pick 10…

For Desire Alone by Jess Michaels: Tortured hero and a lot of sexy times. (Review)
 ( K | N | ARe)

Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton: I love a sexy hockey hero.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

Picking 10 books that made me laugh, sigh, squirm and believe in Happily Ever After over and over again was hard! *that's what she said* But after through blood, sweat and tears, I finally got my Top 10 down.

1. Loving on the Edge series by Roni Loren
I love everyone of one of Roni's books including Grant's but Jace (Melt Into You)[Review] hooked me since his first appearance in Crash Into You. (Review) There is no safe word when it comes to the Loving on the Edge books.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

2. The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz
A safeword must be established before diving into the world of the 8th Circle. The Prince is my favorite because it intrigued, horrified and left me speechless (in a good way).
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

3. Lover Reborn by JR Ward
To everything there is a season...I 'ugly cried' while reading this book.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

4. Defiant by Pamela Clare
"I cannae fight right now, I'm makin' candy. Would you like a wee taste?" That is all. And of course, the book trailer. (Review)
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

5. Forever A Lord by Delilah Marvelle
Oh. Em. Gee. The book trailer. That is all.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

6. Firelight by Kristen Callihan
2 words: Historical Paranormal. You get the best of both worlds. Dark, dangerous and unputdownable, what a debut! (Review)
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

7. The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen
Adventure on the high seas, revenge, betrayal, seduction, intrigue. Your typical Shana Galen book that will keep you up all night. (Review)
(A | K | B&N | N | IB)

8. Jane's Gift by Karen Erickson
Hot fire chief afraid of commitment? Where do I sign up? :) This is a story that will warm you all the way down to your toes on a cold winter's night. (Review)
(K | N )

9. Lumberjack in Love by Penny Watson
Seriously, just read the title. Break out the flannel and get ready to laugh out loud while falling in love with a bearded lumberjack.
( AK | N | Kb)

10. Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione
Unholy mother of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Talk about a tough road to redemption.
(A | K | B&N | N | iB)

Honorable Mentions:

Captive Bride by Katharine Ashe
Get ready for a good haunting in this Regency Ghost novel. A wastrel brother, a sister to the rescue and two men who will battle it out to have her.
(AK | N | iB | ARe)

The Rake and the Recluse redux by Jenn LeBlanc
Bigger, better and totally PIIINK! We finally get Perry's story as well as extra illustrations in the BIG PIIINK book.
(AK | N | iB | ARe)

So there you have it, our Top 10 Books of 2012 and a few honorable mentions. What about YOU? What's on your Top 10 reads for this past year?

We look forward to bringing you your favorite authors as well as new ones, lots of fantastic reads, more blog events and always stop by our Facebook page for Kindle deals, other blog and author giveaways and pics from conferences.

Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!

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