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December Joyathon: Interview with Lila DiPasqua + Giveaway (International)

Once again Lila DiPasqua is joining us for our December Joyathon. Her stories take a well love fairy tale and give it a super sexy twist so keep these books on a higher shelf. We're determined to one day meet her in person and tell her how much we enjoy her books. Until then, we'll have to stalk chat with her on the interwebs and have her hang out at the blog.


Meet Lila:
Lila DiPasqua is a multi-published author of wicked & witty historical romance novels for Penguin/Berkley, as well as self-published works. Best known for her critically acclaimed Fiery Tales series. Her books have been featured on Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Clubs. She lives with her husband and three children in Canada and is a firm believer in the happily-ever-after.

Connect with Lila: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter

Jamie and Kati: Hi Lila! Welcome back to Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance. Thanks for being part of our December Joyathon for a second year :)

J&K: Who is Lila DiPasqua during the holidays? (author, gift giver, last minute shopper, baker)
Lila DiPasqua:
Definitely author and gift giver. I love Christmas shopping! I used to have my Christmas shopping done in October. (Yeah, you read that correctly. LOL). Plus, I have a wild obsession with Christmas ornaments. And it’s my birthday during the holiday season. I just love this time of year. As for baker, forget about it! I’m horrible. Seriously, I’m so challenged in this department. I have baker-envy of anyone who does it well--because I can’t. :) My gift to those around me is to *not* bake for them. LOL

J&K: What’s the one holiday book everyone should read?
LD: I’m going to pick THE CHRISTMAS DOLL by Elvira Woodruff. It’s a children’s novel I’ve read to my girls. Sadly, this book is out of print, though you might be able to find it in your local library. It’s 151
pages long and one of the most touching, beautifully written stories about two little orphaned sisters with no one to count on but each other—and an ordinary doll they find discarded near the river—set in Victorian, England. If you find a copy of this book, get it and read it! It’s sure to bring a tear to your eye and put a smile on your face. Your children will love it. And so will you.

J&K: Which one of your characters would you want to spend the holidays with?
LD: Can I pick them all? I adore them equally. It’s like choosing among my children. :)

J&K: Who gives the best gifts in your house?
LD: I think we all do. Everyone tries to give meaningful gifts. They don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated.

J&K: Which 5 authors (dead or alive) would you invite for a holiday feast?
  1. Charles Perrault—Creator of The Tales of Mother Goose.
  2. Hans Christian Andersen – Another author of wonderful fairy tales!
  3. Jane Austen – Who wouldn’t want to invite her over for dinner?
  4. William Shakespeare – I would have been his groupie had I lived in the sixteenth century.
  5. Oscar Wilde – Come now, is there anyone more interesting and entertaining than this man was?
J&K: What are you currently working on? Can you give us a sneak peak?
LD: I’ve got a holiday novella coming out in December, THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL. It’s a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s Christmas fairy tale, The Little Match Girl—in a very grown up, romance, steamy way. 'Tis the season for surrender! Leo, Duke of Mont-Marly is sure to warm up the winter nights. ;)

Quick questions:
Snowmen or snow angels? Snowmen
Real tree or fake tree? We have five Christmas trees every year. The largest one is ten feet tall with a foot tall angel on top. They’re all artificial, and we love them all.
Favorite holiday smell. The turkey in the oven.
Home for the holidays or visiting relatives? Home for the holidays with lots of guests.
Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? Christmas Day.
Just enough decorations or “every tree lighted, blow up snowglobe, snow man in the yard” decorations? The whole nine yards, baby! :) We go all out.
Author’s choice: What’s your favorite holiday movie?


GENRE: Historical Romance
PUBLISHER: Berkley Sensation (August 2,2011)

Born into wealth, Sabine Laurent and her twin sister lived a life of luxury, their father's prestigious theater frequented by royalty and aristocracy alike. And Sabine dreamed of her own Prince Charming--the devastatingly handsome Jules de Moutier.

That was before the loss of her sister and her family's fall from grace--a disaster Sabine blames on the Moutier family. Now, with her father's death, she's inherited his sizable debt and the responsibility of caring for his spoiled longtime mistress and her two wastrel daughters. But with the help of Sabine's eccentric friends--the balance of her father's acting troupe--she plants to get very close to her old infatuation, seduce the rake--an make off with a fortune.

Resisting Jules's skillful mouth and tantalizing touch is not as easy as Sabine supposed, though. And soon she must decide whether her desire for vengeance is greater than her desire for her one and only prince... (source: back cover)
Get Your Own Copy: Amazon | Kindle | B&N | Nook | Book Depository
BOOK EXTRAS: Read an Excerpt
OTHER BOOKS BY LILA (click on covers to find out more):


To help celebrate the season, Lila is giving away a copy of A MIDNIGHT DANCE (open internationally). Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment for Lila answering her question: What’s your favorite holiday movie?
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must leave a comment. All other entries are optional.
***Don't forget to keep up with the rest of our December Joyathon authors. Lots of giveaways. Click on the link to enter your name in for the grand prizes.***

A huge thank you to Lila for celebrating with us and for donating the giveaway books.

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