Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stock Up Saturday: Delilah Marvelle Edition + Giveaway (International)

We've mixed it up a little and are showcasing Delilah Marvelle instead of a publisher or low priced Kindle deals. Mistress of Pleasure was the first book Kati read when she made her way back to the romance genre. Kati then gifted both of the School of Gallantry books to Jamie and got her hooked. It's okay fair because Jamie got Kati hooked on BDB (a story for another time).

Delilah's stories are sexy (hellooo carriage sexy!), passionate, and a bit twisted. She doesn't sugar coat the grittier and dirtier (not like that!) side of history but weaves it into her stories in such a way that readers can relate to her characters and end up wanting more. You'll laugh, sob, snort, giggle and gasp as you make your way through each of her book series. Get ready to find a school where men learn the art of seduction, get scandalized, hear whispered rumors and put them to rest and discover a second chance at love for a mature couple (We'd say old but 40 isn't old. Okay, maybe it was back then).


The School of Gallantry:
Because men need all the education they can get...

Read an Excerpt: Mistress of Pleasure | Lord of Pleasure

Scandal Series:
Are you ready to be Scandalized?

Read an Excerpt: Prelude to a Scandal | Once Upon a Scandal | The Perfect Scandal

Rumor Series:
Rumor has it...

Read an Excerpt: Forever Mine | Forever and a Day | Forever A Lady | Forever A Lord


Don't forget about our super Marvelle-lous giveaway!

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