Friday, November 16, 2012

Jamie's Juicy Tidbits: Rock Star Romances

One of my favorite series has the next book coming out. It also features a hero who isn’t the typical “Romance Hero”. You know what I’m talking about… the big bad alpha, or the firefighter, or the billionaire. Nope, this week I’m all about the Rock Star.

Rock stars almost come off as the anti-hero. They are typically thought of as players, with groupies in every city ready to drop their panties. If you think about it the tabloids are filled with the “rock stars” with their women, drugs and other vices. They don’t come off as romantic and that’s ok because every girl has the bad boy fantasy. I myself have a thing for Jon Bon Jovi, but you can’t say anything bad about him. But he does look sexy in his tight leather pants.

Anyway… despite all this, I’m in love with the rock star as the romance hero. My case in point… Trey Mills from Olivia Cunning’s Sinner’s series. I met Trey, in the first book of Sinners on Tour series Backstage Pass. I fell hard for him and then in the second book Rock Hard my love for him was cemented. His story, Double Time is out now. * Trey’s story is actually the 5th in the series but was released as the 3rd. I don’t know why and I didn’t really make a difference, I guess, you just know Jace and Eric’s HEA’s *

I love these guys. Seriously, I love all the Sinners. Even Sed who a complete jackass. If you haven’t read them then you are missing out. These guys are sex personified. I can’t wait for Jace and Eric’s stories. They are bound to be sexy and kinky.

Another Rock Star book I love is Elyssa Patrick’s debut As You Wish. Aubry Riley is an arrogant, sarcastic rock star and Portia Jackson is a quirky florist trying to save her family’s shop. On his way to visit his daughter he stops to help Portia and sparks fly. They are opposites and I love them together. Aubry thinks she’s a bit crazy but Portia total owns up to her quirks. It’s a really fun and sexy read. Plus, it takes place around Christmas. Perfect for this time of year. Read this one, trust me.

So my Juicy Tidbit for this week is… spend some time with some Rock Stars that will rock your world!

What do you think? Do Rock Stars make good romance heroes?

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