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Interview with Marina Adair + Giveaway (US only)

Marina Adair's gem of a holiday read, KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE, should definitely be put on your holiday reading list. Today, Marina is hanging out at the blog sharing a little bit about her book and also giving us a unedited sneak peek from the second book in her St. Helena Vineyard series.


Meet Marina:
Every author can identify the exact moment of inception, when the skies parted, the heavens sang, and a divine being came forth, anointing them one of the chosen, blessed to spend the rest of eternity weaving stories of ‘ever after’ for mass consumption.

For me, it wasn’t so much a moment, but an intervention.

Sophomore year, my fellow Blockheads sat me down and explained that I had an addiction. I was a NKOTB–A-holic. Afraid of becoming enablers, they refused to listen to another one of my never-ending stories about our passionate intrigues with Jordan, Joe, Jon, Danny, and Donnie. What they didn’t understand was that New Kids on the Block wasn’t my obsession—they were my current romance-medium of choice.

Twenty years later, my romance addiction is a hard, bodice-ripping, half-dozen books per week. When I’m not reading it or watching it, I am writing it—or workshopping it—or editing it—or strategizing how my hands to get more of it.

In 2010, I realized I was closer to menopause than prom and got serious about my career, writing my way toward a post-graduate degree in creative writing (in the off chance that the first one didn’t stick) and becoming a published romance author.

January of 2012, I sold my first novel, TUCKER’S CROSSING, to Kensington Books set to release August, 16 2012. Also coming this year from Montlake Romance is the St. Helena Vineyard series: KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE hits shelves October, 16 2012, followed by SUMMER IN THE VINEYARDS in April 2013, and the third in the series releasing October 2013. In 2014 the first in the Sugar Series, BUT SUGAR’S TWICE AS SWEET, will release from Grand Central’s Forever line.

I live in a century-year-old log cabin, nestled in the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, with my husband, daughter, three kitties, eleven chickens, and the occasional wild turkey.

Connect with Marina: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter

Jamie and Kati: Who is Marina Adair?
Marina Adair: First, thanks so much for having me here today! As for me, I am a screenwriter turned romance novelist who has a thing for burgers, beer, and Jane Austin novels—sometimes simultaneously. My relationship with Eggo waffles boarders on unhealthy and I hate mayonnaise. I am also a mother of one, a kitty owner of many, and married to a sexy Italian.

J&K: Tell us a little bit about KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE (no copying blurb)
MA: KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE centers around two sworn enemies, who can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other, living in the same small town where neither is willing to move. Regan Martin is a single-mom looking for a fresh start and Gabe DeLuca is a smooth talking vintner who can’t decide what tops his Christmas List: Regan’s sweet ass swishing right out of his town or waltzing toward his bed in nothing but a red bow. Being a man he can’t seem to make up his mind.

J&K: Share 5 interesting facts about your hero and heroine.
  1. Regan unintentionally kidnaps the treasured town’s mascot, making her a deer-napper on St. Helena’s Most Wanted List.
  2. Gabe’s family had been involved in a 60 year feud with the Baudouin family. They are Wine Countries very own Hatfields and McCoys, only instead a pig being at the center, it is the love of a woman.
  3. Regan’s six-year old daughter, Holly, becomes the town’s Emily Post.
  4. Gabe hates fruitcake.
  5. Regan has a weakness for Rocky Road ice cream…and she prefers it by the gallon.
J&K: What was your gateway romance book?
MA: It wasn’t so much a book as it was a person: K-Girl, a thirty-five year old, ball-busting, smut-slinger who works as a 9-1-1-operator by day and erotica writer by night was my original pusher.

It started out innocently enough, a chance meeting on the playground, surrounded by Chinese jump-rope, scabby knees, Spongebob, and farting noises. K-Girl’s seven-year old liked my seven-year old and by the end of the day there was an exchange of all pertinent information—phone numbers, emails, list of all food allergies, and the unconscious acknowledgement that we were both stuck in the same Mth circle-of-hell (henceforth to be referred to as motherhood). The invitation was made, the location disclosed, and before I knew it I found myself in a smut-house, surrounded by shelf after shelf after shelf of bare-chested men and their heroines with heaving bosoms.

For a girl who grew up in a Pro-life, Pro-Regan, Pro-Jesus world, where anything secular was sinful, it was like meeting Pandora herself. It was just like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Jane and Rochester, Sandy and Danny, Joanie and Chachi … but with wash-board abs, chiseled pecks, and sex. Lots and lots of sex! She sent me home with Lady Megan's Masquerade by Cindy Holbrook and the next day I returned for more…My husband has never forgiven her!

The book that got me writing romance was Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous by Donna Alward. After I read this book I looked at my husband and said, “I want to write books that make other people feel exactly what I’m feeling right now.” The next day I started my first romance novel.

J&K: If you could write an anthology with two other authors, who would they be and what would the anthology be about?
MA: Jill Shalvis and Aaron Sorkin, and it would be titled: Marina, The Master, and The TV Mogul.

It doesn’t matter what it would be about, with Shalvis and Sorkin the banter would be so brilliant people would clamor for more.

J&K: What are you currently working on? Can you give us a sneak peep?
MA: I just handed in the second book in the ST. HELENA VINEYARD series: SUMMER IN NAPA. It follows the next to youngest DeLuca brother, Marco, and releases April 16, 2013. This book was so much fun to write because my hero and heroine are not only fighting the need to get naked every time they see each other, they are also fighting against their past—Lexi’s cheat of an ex-husband just so happens to be Marco’s childhood best friend. So finding a good reason for Marc to break man-law and fall for—and into bed with—his best-bro’s ex has been entertaining. Here’s a quick peek (unedited):
“Rise and shine, Creampuff.” Marc ripped the sheets back and Lexi gasped.

She was lying in a puddle of drool, next to a man who was very much dressed in shorts and a tee and sitting on top of the covers, while she was spooning his dog for all she was worth. She grabbed the sheets back from Marc and covered herself.

Wait! He was in different clothes. Maybe they did . . .

“Why are you dressed in,” sheets to chin, she eyed his new clothes, “those?”

Marc looked up from his laptop and the clicking stopped. “I could take them off but I think Wingman might get a little jealous. He’s not really into sharing. We’re working on that though, huh, boy?”

Boy barked, his tail thumping the mattress.

“No, I mean, where are your shirt and pants?”

“In the dryer. They got a little dirty last night so I went to my place and grabbed a few things after you passed out.”

She groaned, remembering just how his pants got dirty. Turning her head back to look at Wingman, who was panting happily in her face, she asked the dog, “What are you even doing here?”

“Holding your hair while you went to church for most of the night. Listening to you snore for the rest of it. I brought you some coffee. It’s on the nightstand.”

“I don’t snore. And,” she sniffed hazelnut and vanilla, “thank you.”

“Then there was the moment when you decided your jeans were too tight. That was a highlight. Almost as good as when the shirt went flying. But my favorite part,” Marc set his laptop aside and leaned in close, his lips grazing her ear when he whispered, “was when you shimmied out of that red thong.”

“I did not!”

“Really?” He held up his hand. A pair of red lace panties dangled from his finger.

“Give those back!” She grabbed the panties and, shoving them under the sheet, slid them on. He might not be able to see under there but she wasn’t taking any chances.
J&K: Author's choice. Ask readers a question.
MA: If you could be caught under the mistletoe with any one person, who would it be? (no significant others and fictional people are okay)

Kissing Under The Mistletoe:
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 309 pages
Publisher: Montlake Romance (October 16, 2012)

Regan Martin stopped believing in Christmas miracles six years ago when she lost everything—her house, her job, and her impeccable reputation in the wine industry—after she fell in love with a man she had no idea was married. Then Regan gets a chance for a fresh start in the Napa Valley. With her dream job, dream home, and her daughter enrolled in a wonderful new school, she starts wondering if holiday wishes really do come true.

But she soon tumbles back down to earth when she learns that her new boss is none other than Gabe DeLuca, the scorned wife’s brother. Gabe wants nothing more than home-wrecking Regan Martin out of his life, his sister’s world, and his family’s business. Mostly, he wants the lush beauty out of his head. Yet his attempts to run her out of town have him thinking twice, especially when he sees that Regan may hold the key to tracking down his sister’s stolen start-up capital. Even worse for Gabe, Regan might just be his Christmas wish and hold the key to his heart.
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The lovely Marina is offering a signed paperback ARC of KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE to one(1) lucky US reader. Could it be you? Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment answering Marina's question: If you could be caught under the mistletoe with any one person, who would it be? (no significant others and fictional people are okay)
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must leave a comment. All other entries are optional.

A huge thank you to Marina for sharing her newest release and donating the giveaway copy.

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