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Studio Smexy™ Saturdays EXCLUSIVE: Delilah Marvelle's School of Gallantry Series Cover Reveal + Giveaway (International)

A note from Kati: I first fell in love with Delilah Marvelle's School of Gallantry a few years ago when I got my first e-reader and I've been in love with both her writing and her since. Since Jamie introduced me to BDB, I figured it was time for her to discover Delilah and sent her both MISTRESS OF PLEASURE and LORD OF PLEASURE. Meeting Delilah in person is an experience in itself. Well, she did let me lubricate her dildo at RomCon. How can someone not want to hang out with her after that?!

Today we're unveiling the rest of the covers for her School of Gallantry series which she will be self-pubbing. LADY OF PLEASURE will release in March 2013. Is it March yet? LOL. I had the pleasure and privilege of being at two of the three shoots for her covers and that woman definitely has a vision which Jenn brought to life in the studio. *sigh* I just love how the covers turned out thanks to Carrie's designing genius.
I feel like there should be a joke about the sign in the back.
"Aim high." "That's what she said." *snort*
photo credit: Kati

A note from Jenn: What can I say about these covers?

This was a dream come true. Honest to God. You can check my twitter stream. About a year ago Kati asked me who my dream shoot would be for, and I said Delilah Marvelle. Delilah and I have been friends since RomCon 2011, but she was a Harlequin Author, shooting for her wasn't possible.

Then last summer, since she was in my hood for RomCon again I invited her to a shoot at my studio and she happily came and fell in love with it so much so she bought the first cover right then, for the continuation of the SCHOOL OF GALLANTRY series... self-pubbed.
Looking at the RAW images with Karlll
photo credit: Kati

I nearly died (but was working so acted TOTALLY COOL)

I hooked her up with one of my FAV designers Carrie, of Seductive Designs and these covers are just... STUNNING.

Then she picked the second and I went to Portland and we shot the third to go with the others.
Helloooo! Delilah's cover gets smexified.
photo credit: Kati
I have waited a LONG LONG LONG time to reveal these covers. LONG.

Dreams come true people, even those you believe impossible. So dream big kids. That's the only way it will happen.


Jamie and Kati: Hullo Miz Marvelle. Welcome to Studio Smexy Saturdays at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance (a bit of a mouthful...)

J&K: Share 5 interesting facts about yourself that’s not on your 28 random facts page (yeah, we’re nosy)
Delilah Marvelle:

  1. I never wear a bra when I’m writing. I feel too constrained. I do wear a shirt, though, lol.
  2. Whenever I’m stuck while writing a love scene, I start making out with my husband. I’m always looking for inspiration. And he never complains.
  3. I read more non-fiction than fiction.
  4. My favorite alcohol drink is called Klown Killer and was introduced to me by a reviewer and her husband. The name of the drink Klown Killer supposedly came out of a McDonald’s convention when a bunch of hired Ronald McDonald clowns broke out into a fight in the bar. No kidding. The bartender created a drink to commemorate the unusual event.
  5. One day, I plan on climbing Mount Everest. Seriously.
J&K: In one word describe Studio Smexy (sexy and smexy aren’t allowed)

J&K: You’ve gotten to direct a couple of shoots (both for covers of the rest of the School of Gallantry series). Tell us a little bit about it.
It was a freakin' dream come true! The idea of being able to envision a moment from your book and bring it to life was just…orgasmic. Jenn is a goddess and a genius who knows how to replicate what I’m seeing and saying. I remember the first time I stepped into her studio, I honestly thought I was going to pee myself. (Fortunately, I didn’t) It was surreal. It was like stepping into a world I thought only existed in my head.
Delilah's 'I'm so happy I could pee' face.
photo credit: Jenn
J&K: Studio Smexy invaded your book trailer shoot for FOREVER A LORD. Do you have a favorite scene from the trailer?
My favorite scene hands down was watching you play Water Girl to our half-naked boxers. Spraying water on male chests is hard work and you did it brilliantly, lol.
Spritzing is hard work people!
photo credit: Jenn
J&K: In one sentence, describe FOREVER A LORD.
My hero is a fighter not a lover, but that’s about to change.
photo credit: Jenn
J&K: When (see, we didn’t say If) Hollywood comes knocking to option your Rumors series, who would you cast in the lead? (What? They already ripped you off with Copper. The least they could do is make your book into a TV series or movie.)
I would cast actors who have never been seen by the public before. The idea of bringing something completely fresh and unexpected would be my idea of awesomeness.

J&K: For readers who haven’t read any of your books, which book would you recommend they start with?
It depends. If they’re looking to squirm, I’d say, PRELUDE TO A SCANDAL. The hero is a recovering sex addict. The book won RT’s Best Sensual Historical Romance of the Year and is without a doubt my favorite make-you-squirm favorite. If they’re looking for snark and sexy, MISTRESS OF PLEASURE, which is Book 1 in the School of Gallantry Series. It’s about a school run by an elderly French Courtesan where she attempts to educate men on the topic of love and seduction. And if you want a combination between those two, snark, sexy, and gritty, I’d say, FOREVER AND A DAY, which is book 1 in the Rumor Series.

J&K: What are you currently working on? Can you give us a peek?
I am currently half-way through LADY OF PLEASURE, which is book 3 in the School of Gallantry series. And of course you can have a peek!

To love or not to love.
That is the real question.
                            -The School of Gallantry

There is usually one defining moment in every woman’s life when she realizes she is destined to fall in love with the wrong man and there is absolutely nothing she can do to save herself. For Lady Caroline Arabella Starling, the daughter of the notoriously scandalous Earl of Hawksford, it happened late one morning in London in the year of 1824, when she was an impossible, impressionable, and most passionate thirteen.

She was teetering on the library ladder, on the tips of her satin-slippered toes, trying to reach a pornographic book her brother had cleverly hidden behind the bible, when a young man with golden wavy hair and dark brown eyes appeared beside her.

“Might I be of assistance?” he rumbled out, leaning toward the ladder.

Startled at seeing a man she didn’t know, her foot slipped. “Aaah!”

Jumping toward her, he grabbed her waist hard and steadied her with firm hands, tipping her back toward the ladder. “Jesus,” he rasped, leaning into her. “Do be careful.”

Her heart popped as she savagely clung to the ladder. “I was being careful. What are you-- I almost died! A man should never sneak up on a lady unannounced.”

He captured her gaze. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Well, you did. And I can assure you, it will take me days to recover from what my heart is still doing.”

A gruff laugh escaped him as he leaned away. “Allow me to make amends.” Still holding a gallant hand to the back of her corseted waist, to ensure her balance, he reached up a long, muscled arm and effortlessly pulled out the leather bound book from behind the bible which she had been unable to reach. “Was this what you wanted?”

She paused, realizing he was holding the book she had been trying to read for weeks, and prayed it wasn’t too pornographic in nature. Though knowing her brother it probably was. Not that it ever kept her from reading his books. She was always looking for new words she couldn’t find in the dictionary. And pornographic books were full of them. “Uh…yes. Thank you.”

“Of course.” He lowered the book toward her. “Is there any other book you needed?”

“No. Not at this time…”
J&K: Author’s choice. You get to ask readers a question.
My question to the readers is: If you had to pick between two types of romance covers which would it be? Fifty Shades style? Or Clinch style? For me? It’s clinch all the way.

J&K: Thanks Delilah for sharing your Studio Smexy experience as well as your fabulous book!
Thank you so much for having me!!! And thank you to Jenn LeBlanc and Carrie from Seductive Musings for creating such an incredible experience for me and bringing my books to life!

Excerpt from Lady of Pleasure ©2012 by Delilah Marvelle. All rights reserved.

Photographer: Jenn LeBlanc
Designer: Carrie of Seductive Designs
Models: Guy and Auberry
True love isn't always blind...just misguided
Lady Caroline Arabella Starling has been in love with her older brother's best friend, Caldwell, since she was fifteen. Unfortunately, too many things keep getting in the way of proving her love. Her four younger sisters, her mother, her brother and all of society. But where there is a will, there is a way, and Caroline is about to redefine not only respectablity but true love.
Ronan Henry Dearborn, the fourth Marquis of Caldwell, is done trying to wrangle in his wild bachelor of an uncle who only knows how to host champagne parties and tumble with women. Although Ronan tries to stay on that straight path of respectability himself, he just can't stay out of trouble. Even worse, his best friend's sister, Lady Caroline, seems to be just as interested in getting her hands on him as he is getting his hands on her. Soon, the only way out of the mess he and Caroline are in is to take up the advice of a French courtesan who plans on re-educating them both in the art of love.
Photographer: Jenn LeBlanc
Designer: Carrie of Seductive Designs
Models: Ender and Alanna

Photographer: Jenn LeBlanc
Designer: Carrie of Seductive Designs
Models: Karlll and Brit M.

Are those AH-MAZING??!! Jenn did a wonderful job shooting, Carrie did fabulously designing and now we wait with bated breath for the contents between the pages. If that excerpt didn't peek your curiousity, you need to go back and re-read it. Anywho, we're giving away Kindle copies of MISTRESS OF PLEASURE and LORD OF PLEASURE. There will be two(2) winners, open to whoever can receive these books on Kindle. Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment answering Delilah's question: If you had to pick between two types of romance covers which would it be? Fifty Shades style? Or Clinch style?
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You MUST leave a comment. All other entries are optional.

A huge thank you to Delilah, Jenn and Carrie.
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