Thursday, November 15, 2012

Contemporary Review: The Name of the Game by Lisa Weseman

THE NAME OF THE GAME by Lisa Weseman
Format: PDF
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 148 pages
Publisher: Crimson Romance (October 10, 2012)

He thinks she’s a flake. She thinks he’s a stick-in-the mud. But each time Kyle and Mac are together, they feel an undeniable spark.

After a long day on her feet, all flight attendant Kyle McKinney wants is a cool glass of wine, a warm bath, and a hot man in her bed. Instead, she ends up in a tug-of-war over misdelivered mail with her sexy-but-nerdy neighbor, Kyle “Mac” McKinney.

Thrown together by a shared name and address, Kyle and Mac butt heads as their very different lives begin to overlap. He wears sweater vests and teaches college accounting. She dresses like Carmen Miranda and practices scream therapy. But together, they must deal with a nosy elderly neighbor, a misguided stripper, and an overzealous IRS agent – without killing each other.

When opposites attract, it’s like playing with fire. But will Kyle and Mac figure out that love is the name of the game…before it’s too late?
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Kyle McKinnley is a flight attendant flying around the world. Then some mix up with a stripper looking for Kyle leads to her meeting Mac, a geeky, but cute, neighbor. It also leads to a fight in the mailroom with someone trying to steal her mail. But it’s just Mac… but actually his name is Kyle McKinnley.

Kyle and Mac may share the same name but they are two very different people. She’s a bit crazy and he’s very rigid.
“I’m not as uptight as you think I am. I’m just careful. “
“And I’m not as reckless as you think I am,” Kyle insisted, “I’m just less conservative then I used to be.”
But there is this attraction between them that they can’t seem to help. They fight it at every turn and its funny to see them get all flustered.

Kyle and Mac are also hiding from things in their past which hold them back from truly living life. Watching them learn about themselves and each other was a real treat. It also tugged on my heartstrings. I just wanted these two to work out their issues.

Favorite Quote
“But…tonight he was different. Confident, charming. And Lord help me, the nerd was
sexy.” Kyle threw her head down on the table and let out a sigh worthy of Scarlett
I have a weakness for guys in khaki pants. I have no idea why but if I have to have a reason I’m going to say it’s because of Mac. He males khaki pants and sweater vests sexy. Seriously. He does. He’s got that uptight, preppy thing going. Nerds can be sexy too.

I really liked reading this. It was short and cute and funny. I immediately liked both Kyle and Mac and loved to see them try and get together. Also the secondary characters were a hoot. My main thing is that I wish that it was longer. It felt just a little rushed at the end. But at the same time there were parts where it dragged.

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