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Studio Smexy™ Saturdays: Model Ender + Giveaway (International)

A note from Kati: Gah! Where do I even begin to describe this new member to Studio Smexy? Um, how about I discovered him on Model Mayhem when Jenn was looking for someone to shoot during our time in Portland? Yup. You're welcome. How can you go wrong with a guy named Ender? Jenn and I squeed over that fact since one of her characters in her next book's nickname is Ender...

After reading his interview you'll swoon and fall instantly in love. Hopefully we'll see more of this guy in the studio soon. Don't forget to ask for him. Maybe we'll get Jenn back to Portland (I'll sneak in her suitcase. It's big enough.) or him to Denver for another shoot *evil grin* Perhaps this time with a spritz bottle. I'm pretty good with those.


A note from Jenn: When I saw his name I swooned. I have a hero nicknamed Ender. He's Baron Endsleigh, to the world and Ender to his friends, and his road is a difficult one.

But I digress.

This Ender is the one out of manymanymany models I scouted for the shoot in Portland, and I will go back and shoot him again. Or bring him to Denver. It WILL happen. He was fantastic, has a great sense of humor, is a fun guy, and yes... He is very pretty. Shirt on or off.

I was excited to see his answers to the questions, I have a soft spot for archers. I'm actually in the market for a compound bow... I might be acquiring one today, actually. I've long thought archery was damn cool, and you know who is a bow-hunter, so he fits right in around these parts. Anyway, you probably stopped reading this... Because Ender is down there... I don't blame you. :)

Jamie and Kati: Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself.
  1. My right ear is slightly deformed. 
  2. As disciplined as I am about my diet, I will, on special occasion, unwind with a fine cigar and a glass of scotch. (Did you just swoon?)
  3. I won a world championship in archery when I was 16, and my parents have both held world records (we don't let it go to our's just archery.) 
  4. I'm 32 and never been married...but that is hopefully about to change. My puppy and I are hoping that my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend will marry us (we're a package deal). (Collective 'awww')
  5. I guide an annual backpacking trip (eight years and counting) for a small group that started out as teens that I was mentoring. They bug me every year to plan the next trip - it's one of the most rewarding things, and always a highlight of my summer.
(Re-read these and tell me you're not in love, swooned or went 'awww'. I'll wait.)

J&K: What made you decide to pursue modeling? Is it a full time thing?
E: A very good friend of mine started using me in her photography projects, and after winning a couple of awards with her shots, convinced me that I could model for the sake of modeling. I've doing it on and off for a few years, never full time, but hope to finally go after fitness modeling with more focus. I plan to compete in fitness competitions, get sponsorship with a supplement company, and start my own personal training business. In the meantime, I'm an instrumentation technician (computer geek who knows how to use hand tools). (I feel like there's a "that's what she said" moment)

J&K: How do you keep in shape?
E: I hit the weight room four to five times a week, hard. Sprints, runs with friends, and some local adventure races keep the body fat down, and in the spring I train hard for mountain climbing season. But just as important, my diet is consistent (frequent, well proportioned meals), and pity the person who gets in the way of my sleep time.

J&L: How do you feel about one day seeing yourself on the cover of a romance book? Do you feel objectified?
E: I feel flattered more than objectified, by far! My rather conservative father surprised me one day with the advice, "flaunt it if ya got it", and I figure that since I work out anyway and "got it", I may as well have fun with it, right? Some day I'll be old and saggy like him, and not even my wife will want to see me shirtless,'s to the fleeting glory days! (Wait until the Studio Smexy fans get a hold of you. They'll objectify you and you'll like it. No, love it. Or else take out a restraining order...)

J&K: Besides Jenn, which photographer would you love to work with and why?
E: Per Bernal - renowned fitness photographer, because I'd love to be on the cover on a fitness magazine too!

J&K: What is your dream shoot?
E: I'm a gym rat, so a dark weight room, all pumped up and sweaty.

J&K: In one word, describe Studio Smexy (sexy and smexy are not allowed)


Meet Ender and his brand of Smexy:

Like what you see? There's more HERE. Buy him for your book cover, your blog header, your wallpaper or whatever other things you want him for. His picture, geez! We don't peddle real man flesh at Studio Smexy. That would be crossing the line into pimping...

Outtakes from Kati's phone:

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Isn't he just...quite? Now there are those of you have loyally followed, stalked and drooled over Studio Smexy™ on Facebook and on this blog so we would like to reward you for stalking. It doesn't involve a restraining order but a PIIINK button. Here's how to enter:
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Thanks to Ender and to Jenn, Rockstar.

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