Friday, October 5, 2012

Jamie's Juicy Tidbits: Hockey Romance Heroes

It’s October. Fall is in the air. It’s starting to get chilly out and I’m ready to get my hoodies out. And to top it off… its hockey season. Wait! Where is the hockey? What? The NHL is in a lockout. This is ridiculous.

Ok, so I knew the NHL was in a lockout and I may be over reacting because I miss my hockey fix. I miss seeing Henrik Lundqvist between the pipes and Ryan Callahan skating up and down the ice. Yes, I’m a NY Rangers fan, just don’t tell the Sasquatch because he’s a Devils fan and I’ve been keeping this from him.

Anyway, without any hockey games to watch I figured I may need to get my fix in another way. So what’s a better way then to spend the lockout curled up with some sexy hockey guys… in books of course. So if you are looking for a hockey fix, or just want some hockey romance, let me share some of my favorite hockey romance books.

1. Rachel Gibson’s Chinook Series
I am a big fan of Rachel Gibson. She is an auto-buy author and I love her Chinook series. Nothing But Trouble is my favorite and is full of sexual tension. Mark wants nothing to do with Chelsea, who was hired to be his personal assistant after his car accident. Chelsea just wants to get her paycheck and puts up with Mark even though he’s a jerk and insults her clothes. But these two dance around their attraction and when they finally give in its hot. Love these two.
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PS… the first in the Chinooks Series Simply Irresistible is on sale for $.89 for Kindle. READ IT!
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2. Deirdre Martin’s New York Blades series
I haven’t read many of Deirdre Martin’s New York Blades series but the ones I’ve read are great. Icebreaker is one of my favorites with Adam and Sinead resisting each other. Adam just wants to play hockey and wants nothing to do with uptight lawyer, while Sinead I just trying to do her job and ignore the fact that Adam is more than just a dumb jock.
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Another favorite is Chasing Stanley even if I think Jason is an idiot and Delilah has some social anxiety issues. Though Stanley, Jason’s big Newfoundland, stole the show.
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3. Jaci Burton- Taking The Shot
First, Jaci Burton has the best covers. So much hotness should be illegal, but not really because we all enjoy looking at it. That being said, Taking the Shot is book 3 in her Play By Play series and stars Ty Gallagher, sexy hockey superstar. I loved this book. I loved Ty and Jenna together and how Ty got Jenna. It was more then just hockey. Oh, and its super sexy and hot.
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So my Juicy Tidbit for the week is… ride out the NHL lockout with some hockey romance heroes. They’ll keep you warm on and off the rink.

Am I missing any of your favorite hockey romances? Tell me what I should be reading to ride out the lockout.

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