Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Historical Review: Touch of a Lady by Mia Marlowe (novella)

TOUCH OF A LADY by Mia Marlowe
Series: Touch of Seduction novella
Format: Kindle
Genre: Historical
Length: 73 pages
Publisher: Mia Marlowe/Rock*it Reads label (June 30, 2012)

He lived for his duty...
Tristan’s grandfather lost the family fortune and the Devonwood earldom still hasn’t recovered under his father’s tenure. In order to save the estate from disaster, Tristan is determined to wed the daughter of a duke. Lady Florence’s dowry is reputedly hefty enough to sink a frigate, so Tristan will shoulder the family’s burden, even if it means a loveless match.

Till she taught him to live for desire...
When he first lays eyes on Delphinia Preston, he knows she’s trouble in a gorgeous blue dress. Despite the rumors about her being a half-gypsy witch, there’s something about the grey-eyed beauty that calls to Tristan. And he can’t keep himself from answering, even if it means wrecking all his carefully laid plans…
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Do you believe in happily ever after at first touch?

Delphinia Preston is helping raise money for the orphanage by playing Madame Zola, fortune teller. She's happily pulling fortunes out of thin air until the one and only Tristan Chalcroft Nash, Viscount Edmondstone makes his way into her tent. He admits he already knows his future and Del counters by asking why bother having his future read? He's there for the orphans. Duh, Del!

Tristan isn't too happy about the prospect of marrying Lady Florence but she's got not only a large dowry but political connections and is the daughter of a duke. Her dowry would help restore Tristan's family's coffers and restore a crumbling Earldom. Nothing, not even love, can stand in his way to do so. But Tristan may be in for a surprise thanks to another man pursuing Lady Florence at every turn.

Lady Florence tries to let down her ardent admirer but he won't have none of it. He's determined to marry her and will do anything to convince her to be with him.

At first touch, Delphinia sees a future in which she and Tristan are together. Now the only thing is, how and when it will happen? Will there be someone who could hinder their path to forever? And will Lady Florence end up with her ardent admirer?

Favorite Quote:
Delphinia Preston was a wonder. Something about her stood his world on its head. No One had ever made him feel as she did—both strong and weak, free and enslaved, all at once.
Overall: I thought I was going to get lost while reading this novella because it is part of a series. How wrong I was. The beauty of this novella is that it's its own short story about two people who find love at first touch. There aren't any outside players--that I know of--who can be found in the other books of the Touch of Seduction series. This was a fun novella that peaked my interest in reading the rest of the Touch of Seduction series. Delphinia sort of annoyed me at first assuming she would end up with Tristan and trying to find a way to get him interested in her. After a while she grew on me. Sometimes Fate is a bit funny and can't be changed. For Tristan and Del, their paths were meant to cross and they were meant to fall in love whether Tristan wanted it to happen or not. I commend his mindset on trying to restore his family's estate back to where it was but he's an idiot for thinking that love isn't worth setting that all aside for.

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