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Fallen Women Week: Interview with Leigh Michaels + Giveaway (US/CA)

Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 100 books that range in genres. Her books have been nominated for numerous awards and have been translated in many different languages. She teaches romance writing workshops on the internet. Today she is sharing a bit about her fallen women. Let's give her a warm welcome to the blog.


Meet Leigh:

Leigh Michaels is the author of 100 books, including historical romance novels, contemporary romance novels, and non-fiction. Her work has been translated and published in 120 countries in more than 25 languages, with more than 35 million copies in print. Six of her books have been finalists in the RITA contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America and she received two Reviewer's Choice awards from RT Book Reviews.

She is the author of On Writing Romance, which has been called the definitive guide to writing romance.@ She teaches romance writing online at Gotham Writers Workshop.

Connect with Leigh: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter

Jamie and Kati: Hi Leigh! Welcome to Fallen Women Week at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance.

J&K: What inspired you to write about a “fallen woman”? 
Leigh Michaels: I write historicals set in the Regency period– so letting my female characters violate the rules about what women could be and do is a great deal of fun. My heroines don’t lightly break with society’s expectations, and when they do it’s for good reasons. Sometimes they’re absolutely desperate… the only path they can see to preserve the family, or provide for their child, is to become that “fallen woman.”

J&K: If you could trade places with any fallen woman (real or fictional) who would it be and why?
LM: Great question! Nell Gwynne – because she was sort of a real-life Cinderella who lived in London, was mistress to a king, and had a terrific sense of humor about the whole thing.

J&K: What are the characteristics of a hero would you want for your “fallen woman”?
LM: I love heroes who can be tender and gentle when it counts, but who also are determined and self-confident and very, very sexy.

J&K: Who is your ‘book boyfriend’ and why?
LM: Firefighter Evan Marshall from Rachelle Chase’s novella “The Firefighter Wears Prada” (the anthology is called Men on Fire.) He’s the strong, silent guy who can rescue a kid’s goldfish from a house fire without breaking a sweat or losing his very cool aura.

J&K: What are you writing at the moment? Can you give us a sneak peek into your current WIP?
LM: I’m currently fiddling with a story I’m calling The Debutante Dilemma. Like all my historicals, this is a triple story – three heroines, three heroes, three love stories which are interwoven. But I’m having trouble with it because the story is sprawling all over the place. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

J&K: If your book were to have a theme song, what would it be?
Right now, it would be, “Oops, I Did It Again” – because it seems that every book I write has a false start or two.

Quick either/or:
1. Alpha or Beta? Beta
2. Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower
3. Debutante or Spinster? Debutante
4. Virgin widow or Secret baby? Virgin widow
5. Titled peer or Working man? Titled peer
6. Love at first sight or Second chances? Second chances
7. Naval officer or Swashbuckling pirate? Naval officer
8. Vampires or Shifters? Vampires
9. Past, Present or Future? (sneaky) Very sneaky! Past
10. Writing or Reading? Reading
11. Paperbacks or e-books? ebooks
12. Plotter or Pantser? Pantser
13. Author’s choice: How “fallen” can a woman be and still be the heroine of a romance novel?

J&K: Thanks Leigh for sharing with us today!


Genre: Historical
Length: 320 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 1,2011)

The rules are made to be broken...
When the handsome, rakish Earl of Hawthorne buys the charming house across the back garden from his town home, he never expects the lovely lady he installs there to ensnare him completely.

After Lady Anne Keighley marries the earl, it seems a shame to leave the house empty, so she offers it to her childhood friend, Felicity Mercer, who discovers that the earl's gorgeous cousin is precisely the man she's been waiting for.

And again...
Finally, feisty Georgiana Baxter moves into the house to escape an arranged marriage, and encounters the earl's friend, Lord Julian Silsby, late one night in the back garden. The handsome soldier is more than willing to give her the lessons she asks for...

The house's ownership, proximity to the earl's townhouse and the beauty of its successive inhabitants leads to plenty of gossip, scandal and torrid speculation, while behind closed doors, passions blaze.
Get Your Own Copy: Amazon(pb) | Kindle | B&N(pb) | Nook | iTunes | Book Depository

Leigh is giving away a copy of THE MISTRESS' HOUSE to one(1) lucky US or Canadian reader. Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment answering Leigh's question:How “fallen” can a woman be and still be the heroine of a romance novel?
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A huge thanks to Leigh for stopping by and for donating a copy of THE MISTRESS' HOUSE.
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